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Joomla Events Team - 2019 Report


Joomla Events Team started the year with a very small budget of $15,000 and so we had to put some measure to ensure that we could support only the event that really needed support. We tried to engage the organizers to know for certain they needed financial support. One of the important things we emphasized was that organizers had to submit a financial report first before they could qualify for the fund support.

The following Events were approved:

  • JoomlaDay Texas
  • JoomlaDay Chicago
  • JoomlaDay Kenya                                                            
  • JoomlaDay France
  • JoomlaDay Madrid
  • JoomlaDay Italy
  • JoomlaDay Australia
  • JoomlaDay Deutschland
  • JoomlaDay Netherlands
  • JoomlaDay Florida
  • JoomlaDay Brasil
  • JoomlaDay Israel
  • JoomlaCamp Joostock Unconference
  • JoomlaCamp NY

The following JoomlaDay Events were supported


Number of attendees

JoomlaDay France


JoomlaDay Kenya


JoomlaDay Israel


JoomlaDay Florida


JoomlaDay Netherlands


JoomlaDay Italy


JoomlaDay Deutschland


JoomlaDay Madrid


JoomlaDay Texas






Additionally, CMS Africa Summit was supported for $1500 for the upcoming 2020 CMS Africa Summit in Accra, Ghana. Joomla will also be sending four speakers for the same event.

Through our Joomla Global Event Sponsorship Survey, which had 7 responses, we were able to gather some statistics that shade light on the situation of JoomlaDay Events. 28.6% were at their 12th JoomlaDay events while 14.3 were at their second.

The biggest attendance of between 350-400 people was at 14.4% while the lowest of 30-50 also at 14.3%. For most event, at 28.6% was the attendance between 150-200.

42.9% of JoomlaDay were held in one day while 57.1% stayed for two days. 28.6% of JoomlaDay are spending between $4,000- $5,000 to organize a successful event. While 28.6% spent over $20,000.

Despite JoomlaDay events having a big budget for some organizers, only 16.7% may consider sponsoring speakers on travel or lodging expenses. 83.3% do not support speakers on any of the above.

On whether the Joomla Administration Certification Exam was held at the last event? 83.3% did have the exam while 16.7% did not.

All the JoomlaDay organizers that had events last year feel that they will still have this event in the coming year.

42.9% of events will need funding this year, 14.3% will be able to run without funding while 42.9% were unsure if they will be needing support.

Overall, we would say that we try as much as possible to support events but we can do more. Organizing an event is not easy, and the Joomlers who volunteer to have those events need as much support as we can give.

One area we have identified where we can extend our support is to make sure that all those events are supported by swag, i.e. Stickers, badges etc. In addition, we should supply them designs and artworks they can use for print. Last but not least, an updated banner.

Good progress on migration from SobiPro to DP Calendar, the workflow for the events approval needs to be implemented, we will make it public when everything is done. Discussed on how we can improve the support and documentation for the JoomlaDay organizers are still on.

Joomla Events team lead, will represent the events department at the Volunteers Engagement Team.

Open Street map was implemented at community.joomla.org instead of Google Maps, the advantage of using open street map is that the system doesn't require an API KEY to work.

All events submissions were reviewed and approved in a timely manner.

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