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Joomla 4 Release Lead - 2019 Report


Last year Joomla 4 made substantial progress towards a public release. 

We’ve released 5 new Alphas over the year and had many people submit bug reports (and fixes!). 

In the meantime we’ve improved user experience with the merge of the 3rd and final draft of the Atum template, added functionality to allow email editing and improved the API to cover many more components within Joomla thanks to this year's GSOC project.

Looking ahead into 2020 with a small number of beta blockers left it’s important to focus on getting the new major version out as we are aware that many sites are holding up on important improvements whilst waiting. 

We will also be starting to work on the supporting infrastructure (like documentation, marketing resources) as we get many more non-technical people involved in the effort to get Joomla 4 released as stable.

We would like to strongly encourage extension developers to finally start working with us on migrating extensions so that we are aware and can help you come up with solutions to making extensions work in both Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4 as well as fixing any accidental b/c breaks that may have crept in.

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