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Google Summer of Code Team - 2019 Review


The Joomla GSoC team participated in GSoC 2019 program for the 12th time and had a total of 4 projects out of which 3 projects were successful and being worked on still for Joomla 4.x versions.

Thanks to the wonderful team of mentors who are the most crucial part of GSoC team, we would have continued working on some of the projects in 2020 edition as well ex Webservices & Page Builder, if we would have been selected.

2019 was not the best year for the GSoC team.

We probably did the least number of projects in the many past years but we had our reasons.

We struggled to find mentors to lead some projects and had to fail one of our students, our team sent three members from the GSoC team to attend the GSoC summit in 2019.

We did manage to retain a fair percentage of our mentors from 2019 and we would have brought them back in for the 2020 program.

We spent a lot of time trying to improve our application process and student selection process.

We added guides and improved GSoC JDocs to provide better information for our students.

Core Translation Team - 2019 Report
Documentation Team - 2019 Report


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