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A new beginning for the Community Magazine


It has been a long time since the last issue of the Joomla Community Magazine, despite the huge work of the volunteers who worked to refactor the website and create a solid foundation for the Magazine. We are finally happy to announce that the Joomla Community Magazine is back!

The new Magazine

During the Forum for the Future, we published a plan to get the Community Magazine back on track. 

Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall worked hard to migrate the JCM website from K2 to EasyBlog, importing all the contents from the previous website. Mark Lee and his company, StackIdeas, offered to design and develop a custom layout for the Community Magazine, to highlight the articles published in the magazine.

An editorial staff has been formed to review the articles and prepare them to be published.

The March Issue

This is a Special Issue, named “A Year in Review”, containing 15 reports from several Departments and Teams, describing the work done and the achievements reached during 2019.

This issue also includes 2 articles from the Compliance Team related to Privacy matters and other articles taken from the submission bucket.

Another Special Edition will be released in April 2020.


The editorial staff included for this edition:

  • Luca Marzo - Editor
  • Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall - Webmaster
  • Sandra Decoux - Art Director
  • Andrea Gentil - Editorial Staff
  • Mark Bender - Editorial Staff
  • Guillermo Bravo - Editorial Staff
  • Anja de Crom - Editorial Staff
  • Ahmad Moussa - Editorial Staff
  • Chris Keen - Editorial Staff
  • Mark Lee and StackIdeas - Layout Designer

A special acknowledgement and "thank you" to all the volunteers who worked on the refactoring of the website and who are part of the JCM Team: Nicky Veitch, Peter Martin, Christiane Maier-Stadtheer, Elisa Foltyn, Jackques Rentzke, Marc Dechèvre, George Wilson, Daniel Dubois, Patrick Jackson, Randy Carey, Robert Fairhead and many others.

Contribute to the Joomla Community Magazine

Call for Authors

Authors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to submit their original articles to the Joomla Community Magazine.

The magazine is the voice of the Community, a place where they raise topics and share their findings with others. Articles can flow in at every moment.

Contents sent after the 20th of each month will be generally included in the edition following the upcoming.

Call for Volunteers 

The Community Magazine needs several Volunteers with a different skillset, to ensure a quality and timely release. Editors, Proofreaders, Authors are the key roles open for volunteers.

Automated Testing Team - 2019 Report

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Roger Perren on Monday, 30 March 2020 16:54

I'm happy to see the magazine is back! Tanks @all for this awesome work!

I'm happy to see the magazine is back! Tanks @all for this awesome work!

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