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Sandra Decoux, Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator

Sandra Decoux,  Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator

This month we find out more about Sandra Decoux, the Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator for Joomla.

Bonjour Sandra!  Could you introduce yourself?

I am Sandra Decoux, I’m the CEO of a web agency located on the island of St Martin (French West Indies) and I live, for the moment, partly in France and partly in the Caribbean. And most of all, I’m the Joomla Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator.

What is your story with Joomla?

When I moved to the Caribbean 10 years ago, it was not only a change of place but also a change of activity. We turned our real estate agency into a web agency. Before moving, I was used to write static websites but as our main activity became building websites, it was time for me to learn more about dynamic websites. So we tested several CMS and we decided to use Joomla. Since then, nearly all the websites I build for my clients, personal, corporate as well as public organisation websites, are powered by Joomla.

How do you contribute to Joomla?

I’m active in many areas of the project. Of course, in all teams of my department, but I’m also involved in JDocs, GSoC, Webmasters Team, Volunteers Engagement Team and many more.   

Have you ever attended a Joomladay, a Joomla conference, or other Joomla event?

As I was living on a rock, in the middle of nowhere, it wasn’t easy to attend events! So far, I’ve attended 2 JaB and 2 Joomla World Conference and few sprints. It’s not a lot and I hope I will be able to attend more events this year!

Everybody knows that you are involved in many Joomla teams, and this is huge because you are doing an amazing job. But I have a question in mind: How do you manage your private life, your daily work and your contributions to Joomla?

Thanks Karim! I’m doing what I can and I really wish I can do more! It’s easy for me to manage all, I don’t have a private life so I have time ;)

As I run my own company, I can handle my time as I want, and I’m in front of my screens 7 days a week and I nearly never take holidays. I’m obviously addicted to Joomla!

What is for you the difference between Joomla community and
other communities?

I can hardly compare. I don’t socialize a lot and don’t know well any other web community.

What is the main 2018 goal for the Marketing & Communication Department?

2018 is an important year for my department, as well as for the whole project with the release of Joomla 4. We’re working since a few months on a new marketing plan for the next years thanks to the precious help and work of Market Accents (our a strategic marketing, branding, PR and communications consultancy). Joomla  4 should be the starting point of the launch of this new strategy. Our goal is to reach our defined target, web professionals, to improve Joomla awareness, bring new users to Joomla and build a professional communication outside our own community.  We are really enthusiastic with this new strategy and we hope it can help give a new momentum to Joomla!

What hints could you give to Joomla volunteers?

Take initiatives! Don’t wait other to give you a task. You have an idea, talk about it to your team, apply it, be proactive!

And don’t hesitate to contact me and join the Marketing and Communication Department, we are always looking for volunteers (designers, copywriters, translators …).

A last word?

Join Joomla! I don’t regret a single second to have chosen Joomla 10 years ago, for its platform as well as for its fantastic volunteer community!

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