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New Board of Directors and GSoC 2017

New Board of Directors and GSoC 2017

March brings great and exciting news for the Joomla Community! The ballots are closed and we have the new Board of Directors. Also, we got the news that Joomla! has been selected for Google Summer of Code 2017!

As this article is being written, the results of the election were out. This is what we have so far:

  • Robert Jacobi - President
  • Aleksander Kuczek - Vice-President
  • Luca Marzo - Secretary
  • Mike Demopoulos - Treasurer

A quick first interview with Robert Jacobi, the new OSM President

What are we (the community) to expect from the new Board of Directors?

The initial work of the new board will be housekeeping. We need to create and approve a budget for 2017, we need to finalise the outstanding department position (Local Communities), and migrate the duties from the previous board to the new directors. In the short term, the community should notice that existing processes (JoomlaDay and JUG requests, travel requests, etc.) run more smoothly and that new ones will be discussed where there is difficulty in getting things done. The department coordinators are autonomous and used to their duties for years, so the day to day business of software development, marketing, operations, etc. will not really be different than yesterday. Any policy updates or future direction will evolve as the board meets and discusses the current status of work within the individual departments. Then we will have the focus of our efforts.

What does the new Board of Directors mean for the Joomla Project?

A volunteer defined it as an ability to start moving forward. After a long while, we can say that a new day is finally dawning for the Joomla Project. It is important to remember that the structure change, with the continued work and collaboration of the volunteer community, will form the solid basis to guide the Joomla! Project through the next years, and beyond.

Google Summer of Code 2017

As a plus, the Joomla! Project has been accepted to participate as a mentor organisation for the Google Summer of Code 2017.

I have asked the Joomla!GSoC Team Leader, Puneet Kala, about his expectations for this year, GSoC wide. According to him, the team's main goal is to do better than the previous year. The team expects to have more slots from Google and there are many different projects ideas from the production team to put to work. The team has great mentors and hopes to find some more testers and instructors. Also, they are looking forward to receiving more student's proposals this year. There is a solid plan and the team wants to execute that with perfection.

We at Joomla Community Magazine wish the best of luck for the new Board of Directors and the J!GSoC Team.

You can always count on the support of the JCM Team when it comes to taking Joomla to higher grounds!

It's time to thank our contributors!

Thank you, contributors, for helping the March edition of the Joomla Community Magazine become a reality:

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