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JUG Round Up March 2017

JUG Round Up March 2017

February was a slower month in the JUG community around the world. Perhaps we’re all hibernating or just plain busy.

New JUGs registered in the last month:

Know anyone in these areas? Let them know there’s a new JUG there so they can get involved!

Here’s the latest from existing fabulous JUGs:

From Eric Lamy:

JUG Bordeaux in Mars is here! After the first certification sessions by the French Joomla! Learning Partners, the Bordeaux JUG will be the first French JUG to give the opportunity to its members to take the Joomla! Certification. Note: Only in English and limited to ten places available (we will organise another one if necessary). The certification costs 69 Euros and will take place for JUG Members on March the 30th, 2017.

From Jan van Kuijk, Nico Bouwman, Nico van Leeuwen & Edith van Leeuwen

JUG Breda is a consistent group of very enthusiastic people who love Joomla! We meet the last Tuesday of each month except July and December. Our visitors are a nice mix between people who make websites for a hobby and people who have their own business.

Each of the JUG organizers arranges his own topics: Community News, Extensions and of course Joomla updates. We often invite guest speakers for presentations about developments in Joomla or interesting extensions or hold Dr. Joomla evenings, where everybody can explain a problem they have and everybody helps finding a solution.

In March, we will have a guest speaker about Yootheme Pro templates. In the past we had our first Joomla Extension Meeting about Hikashop with a second to follow in the future.

From Jennifer Gress

JUG Bay Area had a last minute cancellation of their February presenter and so tested the 3.7 router together. We really enjoyed doing it and felt a great sense of accomplishment to help the Project test this feature. George Wilson had us test a bug on it as well which has resulted in a patch that fixed it partially. As a result of this fun meetup, our JUG is committing to a Pizza, Bugs & Fun event at least annually.

From Mark Simko

The Long Island Joomla User Group held a beginner's workshop to teach the basics of Joomla to a group of current and potential Joomla! users on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at Temple Beth Torah in Dix Hills, NY. Use of the facility was arranged by Dr. Jodi Mishkin, an administrator of the synagogue school, and a member of the Long Island Joomla Users Group. Many area synagogue schools use Joomla through a hosting service.

There were 16 attendees of the workshop. Skill levels of the attendees spanned from virgin neophyte to advanced beginner. The workshop was intended to get newbies to be able to work with Joomla through simple hands-on exercises in a demo Joomla system.

Special thanks goes to Olivier Buissard, for serving as a mentor. His help was instrumental in making the objective a success by keeping attendees on track.

Slides are available if you contact Mark Simko, organizer of the Long Island Joomla User Group. Just click the Contact button on the JUG Listing.

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