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The Joomla User Experience

The Joomla User Experience

Over the past year it has become evident that better User Experience (UX) is being demanded by our community. We believe UX is critical to the future of the Joomla community and see an opportunity to improve our platform while bringing our community together in new ways. We’ve spent the first few months of 2016 rebuilding the JUX team and we want you to be involved!

The Role of JUX In The Joomla Community

The Joomla User Experience (JUX) includes everyone in the Joomla community. Our process facilitates a culture that thrives on working together and celebrates the diverse perspectives and individual talents within our global community. Every perspective is valuable, from end users to designers to developers and everything in between. The unique experiences of individual users in our community will continuously shape our process and goals. This makes the community itself an integral part of the Joomla User Experience.

The primary goal of the JUX is to continually improve the usability of Joomla in all areas. Our work is shaped by the community and the JUX encourages involvement and participation while emphasizing teamwork. Our global community is constantly evolving and the JUX is building a UX foundation meant to sustain the changing needs of our community and contributors for years to come.

JUX Brings the Community Together

The JUX process is designed to bridge the gap between the different areas of our platform, our contributors and our community. The JUX can serve as middle ground between Designers, Developers, Marketing, Release Teams and every other team in the Joomla Community. Every perspective plays a part in the overall Joomla User Experience.

The JUX efforts require coordination with other working groups and as a result we are opening new communication channels. We are continually developing relationships with other working groups, teams, community leaders, contributors and third party developers to achieve our goals and maximize the efforts of every Joomla working group. We are striving to create a positive community environment where we can all work together and have a say in the process.

The JUX Team Process

The JUX process is designed to maximize the talents of our community and provide flexible participation opportunities. We know that working within a global volunteer based community comes with challenges. Joomla volunteers live in different areas of the world and wish to have different levels of involvement. They also have changing schedules, various talents and different goals. Our community requires flexibility and we have designed our process with this in mind. The JUX process itself is flexible and continually adjusted over each cycle to achieve more effective results.

The JUX Team Leadership is responsible for managing the strategy and volunteer resources. The Leadership Team has strict participation guidelines but our work cycle is designed to be flexible and allows for easy participation. We use an agile-type work flow that repeats on a schedule of 4-6 weeks while taking community goals into consideration. JUX Team goals are assessed at the beginning of each cycle and they are continuously changing based on the needs of our community. This provides opportunities for contributors to participate in different areas of the cycle at different times based on personal preferences, skills and schedule.

It’s Easy To Get Involved!

UX includes all areas of the platform, and the community, at all levels. We want contributors to get involved in areas that best suit their talents and passions. We value the time and expertise of our volunteers and we encourage them to contribute to the areas of the process where they are most skilled. Contributors are most effective when they are passionate about their work and the JUX provides a platform for everyone to showcase individual strengths and talents.

Feedback, Research and Testing

The backbone of UX is user research and it feeds the JUX efforts. The JUX is creating opportunities for community involvement through our research and feedback methods and our goal is to make participation easy for everyone. We believe this approach will bring our community together in new ways, while collecting valuable data for our process and to share with the larger community. We see this as a win / win scenario for our community.

We want you to contribute to the JUX Process!

What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What do you want to help with? How do you believe you can make Joomla better? Let us know and we’ll find a way to get you involved. We need designers, developers, marketers, administrators and more. What ever it is you do, you can help us.

JUX Is About Our Community

The JUX encourages working together to create positive results for our community while increasing the usability of our platform. Together we can make Joomla everything we want it to be. We want everyone who can help to be involved and there will be many opportunities to do so this year.

We are all Joomla users and we can do more as a community if we work together. Let's make Joomla the best it can be!

Visit the JUX Team Volunteer Portal For More Information And Get Involved!

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