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Do More With Joomla 3.4

Do More With Joomla 3.4

Last week Joomla version 3.4 was released. It’s brought to you by the Production Leadership Team (PLT) and over 130 total contributors, and it fixes 700 bugs.

What’s new in Joomla 3.4: improved front end module editing, decoupling of weblinks, composer integration, Google new reCaptcha, and security improvements by implementing UploadShield code which can detect most malicious uploads by examining their filenames and file contents. You can read more about it here: https://www.joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5586-joomla-3-4-is-here.html

A lot of hours and hard work go into a new release of Joomla. Thank you PLT and everyone who helped code, test, document, market and support the latest version of our favorite CMS!

If your website is already on Joomla 3.x, it will tell you that it’s time to upgrade when you log into your administrator, and one simple click will have you up to speed with 3.4.

If your website is running on an much older version, such as 2.5, 1.5, or heaven forbid, 1.0 (there are a lot of you out there!), it is past time to migrate. Remember, once you are on Joomla 3, you will never ever have to go through a complicated migration process again. That’s the good news. But it doesn’t help you with those old sites that are becoming less and less secure by the minute…

Here is something that might help: we have an interesting article this month, written by Strumjan of Macedonia, who not only had the daunting job of migrating a Joomla 1.0 site to Joomla 3, he also had to deal with Cyrillic alphabet conversions. His article walks you through everything he tried, what didn’t work, and how he finally succeeded. If you are set up to run installations of Joomla on your local drive, you can try migration solutions like Strumjan's and mess around with the database, without any risk to the live site.

And speaking of the magazine, we need your articles! Please share your experiences like the above case, which can help other people trying to do the same thing. We do not require perfect literary skills, but do ask that you not write about your own extensions if you are a developer, or those of your employer, and that your article share an interesting tutorial, story or experience with Joomla at the heart of it. Write for us - thank you!

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