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Leadership Highlights March 2014

Leadership Highlights March 2014

If there is one thing we never have to worry about, it is the vibrancy of our Joomla! community, and how involved our community members are, on topics of all kinds, and even better, all over the entire world!

Documentation going multilingual...

Though I am mostly writing this article from a neutral point of view, reporting the highlights of all leadership teams, I hope you will forgive me if I put the biggest spotlight this month on our new and shiny Documentation Translation Project.

It is a tremendous step forward for our entire community to be able to provide our non-English community members with documentation in their own language in the future. Just in a couple of days a large group of translators for 16 different languages have signed up. And this is only the start. If you are able to help translate in your language, don’t hesitate and put your name on the list.

To LGPL or to GPL...

The most attention caught the feedback request on the potential license change of the Joomla! Framework. You could not possibly have missed it, and if you did, there is a lot to read up at the forum. But also in this issue of the magazine you will find a great informational article from CLT member Guillermo Bravo about the subject.

New Kids...

While OSM published a call for their board nominations, the CLT announced their new team members. We welcome Alice Grevet, David Jardin, Dianne Henning and Peter Bui in their new roles on the Community Leadership Team. We thank them for their willingness to serve and give their time so freely to the project.

Time to move on…

Since April 2012 extensions for version 1.5 have no longer been accepted on the JED. An archive for these extensions was created last year in February. Now it is time to close that area out finally. As of today, the Joomla 1.5 Archive will be no longer available online.

Money, money, money…

We can always do better, that’s what we tend to say within leadership. But I am not so sure that this relates to the publication of our budget for 2014. A very detailed report on how it came about, the why’s and the what’s. You can read it all in the blog post of our Treasurer who put all his blood, sweat and tears in it to provide it to the community.


Last month we pointed to the call for volunteers for the GSoC project. For two years our dedicated volunteer Chad Windnagle has helped organize this project in a very successful way. We’re proud that he managed to have the project accepted by Google for the 3rth year in a row. That is simply wonderful and we wish to congratulate him on that.

On the road…

If you don’t like to be at home in the month of March, then here is your traveling schedule:

  • Today JoomlaDay Prague is organized, you might be a little late for the tickets.
  • No worries though you could still catch up in Denmark on March 7th and 8th. 
  • From there you have a week to get to Boston on March 15th and 16th or to Portugal on March 15th
  • After that just follow the crew and end up in the Netherlands on March 22nd and 23th.
  • Don't unpack your suitcase, you can continue your travels in April beginning in Norway on April 1st.

And don’t hesitate to approach the leadership members present for your questions or feedback. At each of these events you’ll find a few or more.

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