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Why Your Clients Need a Mobile Joomla Site and How to Sell it To Them

Why Your Clients Need a Mobile Joomla Site and How to Sell it To Them

Developing a mobile Joomla website for each of your clients is not only critical to the success of that client’s goals but also an excellent source of additional revenue. As a development firm, it is your job to educate your clients on the critical importance in having a mobile website to achieve their future goals. In this post we will be looking at why your clients need a mobile Joomla site and how you can use this information to complete the sale.

Selling Point #1 – There will be one mobile device for every person on the planet by 2015.

In order to educate your clients, you must first explain the exponential growth the mobile market is experiencing. With the advance of technology, the growth of the smart phone and introduction of the mobile tablet, we have seen an unbelievable explosion in growth of mobile device sales and usage.

Currently, we are on pace to more than double the number of global smartphone users from 2010-2013 with over 31% of Americans owning a smartphone today.

These statistics also do not take into account the ever-growing tablet market which by 2013 is expected to make up nearly 21% of the mobile market. It’s time to accept the mobile market and see it as an opportunity for business growth. 

Selling Point #2 – 95% of smartphone users have searched locally for information.

Once you’ve established that mobile is growing, you will the explain the vast majority of mobile users search locally for business information. One of the most staggering statistics is that over 50% of local searches are performed on a mobile device and by 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PC’s to get online.

61% of mobile users who find a business while searching end up calling the business. Additionally, 59% of mobile users end up stopping into the business and 50% of the people who found the business via mobile search end up converting to a purchasing customer. These are some pretty compelling statistics that clearly illustrate the importance of being visible in mobile search.

Selling Point #3 – If mobile users are not happy with a website, 40% of them will then go to a competitor

At this point, your client may see the value in the mobile audience, however, they might have convinced themselves that their current standard website is good enough. It’s not.

In this fast paced world 60% of mobile users expect a website to load on their mobile device in under three seconds. In the event it takes longer, a whopping 78% of visitors will try to load your website one more time before leaving. Once they have left, 40% of mobile users turn to a competitor’s mobile website. After their bad experience on your mobile website, 57% of the visitors will not recommend your business to other’s on mobile.

It’s pretty clear that the user experience that we work so hard for on a PC website needs to be carried over to mobile in order to keep customers happy and gain new business. 

Steps to Take After Making the Sale

Once you have sold your client on a mobile website, not it’s time to let the magic happen. There are a few ways to go about creating a mobile Joomla website. If your development firm has the knowledge and time to build it yourself, this is the obvious solution.

For many smaller developers, they do not have the know-how or time to work on a mobile project. In this case, there are many Joomla web development companies who you can sub-contract the work to. Find a qualified & experienced Joomla web development firm and have them quote out the project. Then return a quote to your client with a sufficient markup to keep you satisfied.

Lastly, if neither of these options sounds appealing, Mobile Joomla is an extension used to build a fairly basic site. Additionally, some templates have built in basic mobile sites such as the new Yootheme templates. Typically these end up being fairly basic in nature, but offer some sort of solution.

Take Action!

Although this article is not meant to be a step-by-step guide for selling mobile websites, the above information should arm you with the necessary data to help educate your clients on the importance of having a mobile Joomla website.

How do you approach selling mobile Joomla websites to your clients? Please comment with any ideas, questions or additional information to help drive discussion.

* Statistics from this article were pulled from forrester.com, IDC.com and howtogomo.com

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