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Joomla Groups Enhance Your Exposure to the Community Worldwide

Joomla Groups Enhance Your Exposure to the Community Worldwide

Alone, you can do everything except the greatest thing. Alone, you can build a simple house but not a palace. The situation is the same with Joomla: you can't do anything marvellous without the help of others. That's where Joomla Groups come in. If you are an experienced Joomla developer or just have intention to put your wet foot in the field, I'm sure there are more you want to investigate about this growing community.

What are Joomla User Groups?

A Joomla User Group (JUG) is a group (what else it can be?) of Joomla users who gather together in a periodic time for networking, sharing and learning all kinds of thing about Joomla.

Why Joomla User Groups?

I'm kind of a smart Joomla guy — I know what to do with it, how to better fit it with my clients' business needs — why I must bother to know what a Joomla User Group is? This type of question, perhaps, is hanging over in your mind?

Honestly speaking, JUGs are for everyone as long as they are interested in Joomla. JUGs cater to end users (front end users, web developers, and Joomla experienced developers, just to name a few). No matter how experienced you are with Joomla, you would love to hear about it (no concept of time here — I bet) from the ones who are even better at it than you. What can be more interesting than being able to share your love with others and get some back the same time?

Naturally, if you are new to Joomla, you definitely want to discover it — what makes it the most popular open source software? Why is it loved by the whole community? How can you just let this chance slip away without getting to know more about it?

How can Joomla User Groups help you with your knowledge and career?

Learning from others who are better than you is not the only thing a JUG can offer you — there's more than that. This is where you can show off your knowledge and expertise about a topic you understand thoroughly and discuss it with other experts. It is also a place where you can meet your prospective clients or other consultants who, on such a beautiful day, can be your business partner.

It's the old days when you have to hire an html editor or a team of web designers to build your websites; today, you can do it all with Joomla — just one step away to acquire the insights of how to use it best - and JUGs are here to fill this gap.

Can I create a Joomla User Group?

Joomla is open, so are its groups. Indeed, you can register your own JUG by typing this URL into your web browser address, choose your country and fill the application form - Bingo! You are on your way. However, before you do that, just make sure you meet all of these requirements (it's not difficult at all — don't worry).

  • People.Joomla.Org group (named the same as the JUG) or a website detailing your User Group
  • Get approval from Open Source Matters
  • Have at least 2 different contacts with 2 unique email addresses.
  • Name the city or regional area that will support this JUG.
  • Keep the information in the database about this group updated.
  • Hold meetings at least twice a year.
  • Postal Code required.

How can I find the nearest Joomla User Group in my country?

If you don't know whether you could commit to the requirements of registering a new JUG or not, you can still search for the nearest JUG in your country to join. It's free and no time-wasting, simply go to the Joomla community website and look for available JUGs in your local community. There you go!

Where can I find the most active Joomla User Group among the community?

Chicago Joomla Group is one of the most active groups in the community. With a number of over 600 members, this group has three meetings a month to update you with insight, knowledge and latest news. While Joomla means "All Together as a Whole." , Chicago JUG has just one simple purpose — to empower you to reach your goals - with the help of Joomla, of course. Once you visit their website, trust me, you will be blown away with their enthusiasm and professionalism.

New York City is another active JUG (you can register to be a member here). Unlike other groups, New York City Joomla User Group holds meetings once a month on the 2nd Thursday and this meeting is going to answer every question of you that is related to Joomla. Now and then, there will be free Joomla training classes for those who win a free admission as well. Everybody who is interested in Joomla will get something out of the meetings — as this group has assured — can be such a delightful motto that you should give it a shot (Come on, you have nothing to risk!).

JUGs are how we can build a better Joomla community worldwide, where our love for it would have chances to widely spread. Don't you think? So, what Joomla User Groups have you joined and are going to take part in? Share your comments with us!


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