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Best Ukrainian sites made ​​on Joomla CMS

Best Ukrainian sites made ​​on Joomla CMS

Ukrainian community Joomla presents sites created in Ukraine on Joomla CMS. We will show you the major sites in Ukraine and abroad. Join a small trip to Ukraine!

Public offices of Ukraine

Lviv City Council

Web: www.city-adm.lviv.ua

Design and Developer: Denys Design Studio, Joomla! Україна

Official site of the Lviv City Council. Powered on Joomla since 2007.

LCC site provides a complete and comprehensive range of information for all groups. Today the site of the LCC also performs a function of the portal, because it is a forum, news columns, "yellow pages".

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

Web: www.mon.gov.ua

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine is the central body of executive power with activity directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk City Council

Web: www.dniprorada.gov.ua

Official site of City Council.

Sumy Regional Council

Web: www.sorada.gov.ua

Official site of the Sumy Regional Council, which is the representative body of local government, representing the common interests of territorial communities of villages, towns and cities of Sumy region within the authority.


Web: www.kyivenergo.ua

Kyivenergo is a company that provides the capital of Ukraine with electric and thermal energy by combining processes of production, transportation and distribution of energy. By specifics and scales of activity KYIVENERGO is unique in Eastern Europe.

Noncommercial organizations

International Renaissance Foundation

Web: www.irf.ua

International Fund "Renaissance" was founded in April 1990 It is the part of network of Open Society Foundation, consisting of national and regional foundations in more than 30 countries, including Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

United Nations Development Programme

Web: www.undp.org.ua

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is UN's global network of development, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

National Register of Records

Web: www.rekord.ua

The main purpose of "National Register of Records" - development of scope of registration and setting records in order to create favorable initial opportunity for any willing to register your own record, regardless of status and social status, as well as rights and interests of people wishing to establish their own records in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Association of veteran submariners

Web: www.ex-submariners.org.ua

Developer: Denys Design Studio

"Ukrainian Association of veteran submariners" implements measures on the resettlement of veterans and protecting their interests and actively works to commemorate Defenders and patriotic education of youth.

Association of Ukrainian Banks

Web: www.aub.org.ua

Developer: ANTARGO

Association of Ukrainian Banks established in 1990 as a weekly non-governmental, independent, voluntary, noncommercial organization. AUB integrates ukrainian commercial banks and represents their system interests in relations with the National Bank, the Parliament, Presidential Administration, The Cabinet of Ministers, State Tax Administration, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, other governmental and nongovernmental institutions and organizations.


Art Association "Dzyga"

Web: www.dzyga.com

Art Association "Dzyga" is an organization of artists, public figures, businessmen in the form of association of various cultural and artistic projects and objects (clubs, festivals, media projects, etc.).

Label of electronic music Kvitnu

Web: www.kvitnu.com

Developer: Kvitnu

Ukrainian electronic experimental music label founded by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) in 2006 to strengthen the experimental electronic music from Ukraine in the world.

Festival "Respublica"

Web: www.respublicafest.com

Developer: Marta Vladimirovna

"Respublica" is a non-profit art festival, which aims to draw attention to cultural and social problems of small towns.

Art Formation and Festival Wiz-Art

Web: www.wiz-art.com.ua

Wiz-Art - Art formation in Lviv, which entails various cultural and artistic projects, the most important of which is a festival of short films, which takes place annually in May. Formation was established 2008.

Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Web: www.lavra.ua

Developer: McSite

Official site of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Ukrainian show-business

The band "Motor'rolla"

Web: www.motor-rolla.com

Rockband "Motor'rolla" of Khmelnytsky city, established in 1994. In 1995 and 1997 the band became the winner of the "Chervona Ruta."

The band D.Lemma

Web: www.d-lemma.biz

Developert: Company Tucha

The band D.Lemma founded in Kiev in early 2005.

Site of travesty diva Monroe

Web: www.monroe.kiev.ua

Developer: Company Tucha

One of the brightest stars of Ukrainian show business - shocking travesty diva Monroe.

Reading Room

Publishing House "Smoloskyp"

Web: www.smoloskyp.org.ua

Publishing House "Smoloskyp" was founded in 1967 in Baltimore, USA, and named in honor of Vasyl Symonenko. The first published book that was "From the generation of innovators: Svitlychny and Dziuba" (1968) by Osip Zinkevich.

Literature magazine "PROSTORY"

Web: www.prostory.net.ua

Developer: Alexander Canary

"PROSTORY" is an independent Ukrainian literature online magazine which exists since 2008. The purpose of the magazine is publishing contemporary literature and essays, discussion of problems of literary translation, discussion of literature in a broad cultural and social contexts, redefining the cliches associated with the commercialization of literature.

Magazine "General aviation"

Web: www.aviajournal.com

Developer: AIA

"General aviation" - magazine for amateurs and professionals, fully devoted to the aircraft.



Web: www.incom.ua

Developer: Denys Design Studio

Incom - the market leader in information technology. In 2010, Incom celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company took more than once 1 place in the ratings of "Best companies of Ukraine" and "Best Managers of Ukraine".

Hosting Provider HostPro

Web: www.hostpro.ua

One of the popular Ukrainian hosting providers HostPro.

Datacenter Hosting.UA

Web: www.hosting.ua

Ukrainian datacenter Hosting.UA, based in Odessa. One of the largest data centers of Ukraine.



Web: www.autocentre.ua

All Ukrainian automobile portal which represented a full range of services for automobilist.


UBC - Ukrainian Business TV Channel

Web: www.ubcua.tv

Developer: Izumrud

UBC - the first in Ukraine specialized information and analytical channel for business.


Web: www.mediabusiness.com.ua

Developer: Milk

MediaBusiness - branch edition of the Ukrainian media market, a daily online newspaper that writes about the media as a business.

The project "Joomla!® in Ukraine"

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