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Interview with Matt Lipscomb - Broadcasting Joomla!

Interview with Matt Lipscomb - Broadcasting Joomla!

Matt Lipscomb is a member of the Community Leadership Team (CLT), Co-Manager of the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) and the Joomla! Resources Directory (JRD). In his day job he is Creative Director for USA Freelancers, a Joomla! web design team.

Matt, in addition to your work on the JRD and JED, in the past several months you have been instrumental in launching the Joomla! YouTube channel and the LiveStream Joomla! Community channel. What gave you the idea to give Joomla! a video presence on the web?

It started from the desire to put “faces with names” of the Leadership Team. During Joomla! Day West 2010 in San Jose, Jeremy Wilken and Kyle Ledbetter recorded video interviews with members of the team at my request. It ended up being a lot of fun! Also, the CLT did a live Q&A session during the same weekend through LiveStream.

Why do you feel it is important for Joomla! to have this kind of presence?

Rich media is critical to the success of most brands today, but more importantly it allows for the community to interact and learn in ways that do not have language barriers (a smile translates the same in any country!). Having great interviews, live events and tutorials available to the community is the next step in leading the CMS market.

What did it take to get these channels up and running?

I had not personally used LiveStream before, so the first round of live shows were trial and error. For YouTube, I’ve used it for quite a few years, so I was familiar with the ins and outs. What was different for YouTube was branding it to match (as closely as possible) the Joomla.org sites, and then understanding what type of videos the community and new users were interested in. Tutorials have ended up being the most desired.

What are the criteria for getting video or events added to these channels?

Events on the LiveStream channel are fairly easy to get setup. Simply posting in this thread on the forum is all it takes to get “on the list” (URL: https://community.joomla.org/events/livestream-request.html ) From there, you’ll need to have the technical tools and staffing available for the event broadcast. (Those details are listed on the form.)

For YouTube, there is a J!People group and the requirements listed here http://people.joomla.org/groups/viewdiscussion/1026-I+have+a+video+to+share.html?groupid=759

How many subscribers and how much activity do these channels have today?

The LiveStream channel had nearly 5,000 viewers for Joomla! Day Chile and interest is definitely growing. The YouTube channel, youtube.com/joomla has around 1,200 subscribers and nearly 100,000 views.

What is your vision for YouTube and LiveStream moving forward?

I personally would love to see every JDay broadcast live, more live Q&A sessions with the teams and many more basic tutorials on the YouTube channel. It’s a very exciting opportunity to make a lasting impression on the community and provide a resource that helps everyone.

Thank you Matt for taking the time to forge a rich media presence for Joomla! It allows people all over the globe to experience our leaders and community members talking about what they do. It instructs, and breaks down the barriers of time and place, bringing Joomla! Days all around the world to us in real time!



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