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February Template Club Roundup

February Template Club Roundup

Someone must have said something bad about Joomla! template clubs last month, because they certainly stepped it up a notch in February.

In the past, many Joomla! template clubs seemed to produce templates just to show off their JavaScript skills or make something “sexy”, but February brought some legitimately useful Joomla! templates for real websites.

The quality of design and templates produced this month could easily rival that of any other CMS community. Here’s the ones I particularly liked (in alphabetical order):

Coffe from Gavick

Coffe is everything a restaurant (or coffee shop) website needs to be. It’s elegant, simple and easy to navigate. The homepage layout presents everything you’d need to know at a glance. I could certainly see myself recommending Coffe to my fav local coffee shop.

Emphatic from JoomlaJunkie

The Morph framework is incredibly complex, but Emphatic (currently in beta) uses its power sparingly, and keeps things crisp and clean. This is a great corporate template (or “themelet”) that will give a corporation more visual appeal than they probably deserve.
Demo Coffe

Enterprise from JoomlaShack

If you’re shopping for a corporate template but want something a bit more agile, check out Enterprise. JoomlaShack recently acquired JoomlaPraise (my previous home), and it seems like the combined team is hitting its stride with progression in both design and function with their Wright Framework.
Demo Enterprise

Life Journey from Shape5

Life Journey is a spiritual entry from Shape5. While the theme of this template focuses on what’s important for a healthy soul, the template itself focuses on design and attention to detail which are equally important for a healthy Joomla! template. It’s nice to see that from a club that’s typically over the top.
Demo Life Journey

Tachyon from RocketTheme

Speaking of clubs that are usually over the top, it’s wonderful to see a dialed-back template from RocketTheme. Tachyon is light on the gloss, but generous with the white space and typography. RocketTheme is evolving to focus on usable design while sprinkling in fancy JavaScript instead of pouring it on. Tachyon is a social template which features styles for JomSocial, Community Builder, and even Anahita (a first from RT).
Demo Tachyon

Vanilla from YooTheme

For YooTheme, Vanilla means lightweight design, but still packed with features in their Warp Framework. This is a great template for portfolios, products or even a blog. Vanilla is also a portfolio that shows off some of the awesome illustrations and icons that Yoo now offers (including the free Geek Icon).
Demo Vanilla

Keep it up!

It’s so wonderful to see Joomla! template clubs developing templates with such beautiful design and attention to detail. I hope to see this trend continue. Nice job everyone!



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