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Joomla wins multiple CMS awards (and a Server!), thanks to its community


Last year was arguably the best year ever for Joomla to win awards.
This year has been off to a good start, let us look at why this 17-year-old is still a winning CMS.

Best Free at the CMS Peoples Choice Awards

Last year we did so well, the most ever if you count the CMS Critics Awards when they are presented and judged rather than the year they attach to them (2021 awards were judged and awarded in 2022).

So this year was off to a great start on the 2nd March with Joomla getting its hands on Best Free CMS in the CMS Critics Awards



In the past, the Joomla community was referred to as “rabid” for their enthusiasm; well, you did it again.

20i FOSS Awards, this year you did it!



Last year we were in the lead by a good margin until the last hours when we were pipped to the post by WordPress.
Well, this year, you, the Joomla community, were so strong from the start that there was no losing it at the last moment.

What did we win?

The great thing about the 20i FOSS Awards is that we get more than congratulations; they are generous enough to give the organisation a server as a prize!

Before looking at what we won, here is what they said in their response to Joomla winning.
“Congratulations, Joomla! has emerged as our winner for this year’s 20i FOSS Awards in the ‘CMS Software’ category!

We had a huge number of votes this year, with 7,000 cast across our categories. The fact that Joomla! has stood out amidst such impressive competition speaks volumes about the value it provides to the community.”

That's a great message, and many other positive sentiments were expressed in the correspondence.

So what did we win, well, we had a choice.

Free 20iCloud Managed Cloud Hosting (‘Large’ spec) with 4 Core processors. 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD disk space and 5TB bandwidth. There’s more about this platform here: https://www.20i.com/managed-hosting.


Self-managed VPS with 6 Cores, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD disk space, with unlimited bandwidth. More here https://www.20i.com/vps

Both were provided for perpetuity; that's a lovely word. Harald Leithner, our head of Operations, will accept the Self Managed solution and put it to good use in the Joomla operations department. Last year's runners-up prize is now part of our Automated Testing equipment.

A huge thank you to you, the Joomla Community

This was all possible because you, the Joomla community, bothered to take the time and voted for Joomla.
Every vote counts, and votes can mean prizes, so it is very worthwhile.

If this has inspired you to do more, here are a few articles that allow you to be more active in the Joomla community and will really make a difference.

Work4Joomla. Apply Within!


Help4Joomla needs you!


Can you give some Time4Joomla?


If you do decide to make a difference and work, help or give some time for Joomla, then Thank You, and we will continue to be a winning community.

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