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Who uses Joomla?


"Who uses Joomla?" has, for many years, been a regular topic of conversation among the Joomla! Community.

It has been the stuff of talks at World Conferences, working groups and come and gone while trying to answer that seemingly simple question. Who is this Joomla user? Where do they live? Do they use social media? How would they describe themselves? The good news is: we’re finally going to find out - that is, if you help us!

The truth is, while Joomla is the content management system upon which millions of websites are built, we have no clear picture of the 'typical Joomla user'. And that creates a real challenge when organizing marketing campaigns and creating and distributing communications material about Joomla. 

We have some good ideas as to who uses Joomla, after all, many of us are in the website making and designing industry. 

Obviously, there are different types of users, from individual hobbyists to international businesses and organizations, web agencies, charities and not-for-profit. But what are the needs, motivations and characteristics of these groups? What do the different types of users want to know, and what is important to them?

To clarify these points, the volunteers in Joomla’s marketing team have recently set out to identify and categorize our "customers". To achieve this, they have created a short online form to allow users of all experience levels and backgrounds to give their thoughts and opinions about what is important to them and their business or organization as users of Joomla.

Do you want to help out? Great! All you have to do is complete this form, send it to others you know who use Joomla and spread it as far and wide as you can so we can have lots of interesting data to build a picture of the Joomla Community’s Demographics upon.

Once the typical profiles of different user groups have been identified, the Joomla marketing team will use this information to target their communications with the community more efficiently and effectively, it could even help us with production ideas and decisions.

You can help by completing the short form that can be found here: https://bit.ly/3KW2fim

Answering these few questions should only take a minute or two but helps us a lot. 

Thank you for your help!

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