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JUG Round Up June 2017

JUG Round Up June 2017

Welcome to the JUG Round Up!

The JUG Team is thrilled to have added the Rules and FAQs and Terms of Service for Joomla! User Groups into Joomla! Documentation. Eric Lamy has translated them into French and Bruce Valle has translated them into Spanish (THANK YOU ERIC & BRUCE!). The goal of the JUG Team is to have these translated into as many languages as possible to help new Joomla! User Groups that are forming understand the rules and what needs to be done. This will save time in processing and approvals. If you can help translate the two documents, please just go to docs.joomla.org and register and start translating. If you have questions, let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the last couple of months, we have one brand new Joomla! User Group in Bournemouth and two that have reactivated in Minsk and Nice Cote d’Azure. Welcome and welcome back!

Joomla! User Group Minsk

Joomla! User Group Nice Cote d’Azur

Joomla! User Group Bournemouth

From existing JUGs and what they’re doing in the next month or two:

From Jennifer Gress

JUG Bay Area will be having a Pizza, Bugs and Fun event July 22nd in beautiful Oakland, CA. We always feel like we've contributed and made progress when we do PBF or testing meetups.

From Randy Carey

In May the Joomla! User Network Twin Cities focused on 3.7. Chris Paschen set up a shared screen cast, and for each new feature Randy Carey demoed it, attendees asked questions, and we discussed its value and application in our projects.

From Tim Plumber

For our May meeting, JUG Sydney had one of our regulars Peter Spencer talking about Getting the most from your Social Media posts on Facebook and Instagram. As well as showing how to integrate these social platforms with Joomla, Peter discussed how to best leverage these platforms to promote your site, and shared his experiences as to what works and what doesn't.

June will be an exciting month for JUG Sydney, as we will be hosting the annual JoomlaDay Australia conference on 17th - 18th June. We have a number of international guest speakers coming from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as local speakers from across Australia. This will also be the first time the Joomla Certification Exam has been run in Australia.

From Roland Dalmulder

The Joomla! User Group Regio Rotterdam was one of the first user groups in The Netherlands when they started out in 2010. We have monthly meetings since then with an attendance of around 15 people. Last year we moved from the old location to a new location due to the old location being closed down. Luckily the attendees can appreciate the new location as well as the change of menu. One of the strengths of the Rotterdam user group is that a majority of the visitors come early and we have dinner together. This connects us Joomlers even more as eating is an intimate exercise.

Next month we have René Kreijeveld visiting us to showcase how to build a responsive website with Helix and Pagebuilder. In this 2-hour demo he will show us how to go from scratch to a fully responsive website. René has been a true asset to the Dutch Joomla! community since it's early days. As a certified Joomla! Administrator he knows his way around Joomla!.

Not to miss, in July we are doing our Joomla! BBQ in Rotterdam where we invite everybody from around The Netherlands to come and enjoy the sun, food and each others company in a casual setting to talk about Joomla! and all other important questions in life. This is a good way to mingle with other Joomlers from other user groups as well.

Are you a JUG and want to share with the world what you’re up to? Then simply let us know in the JUG Organisers chat on Glip or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Want to start a JUG? Simply head over to the Rules and FAQs and then submit a ticket and we’ll work together to process it.

See you in the next month or two in the JUG Round Up.

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