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Karin and Joomla: an inspiring Joomla story

Karin and Joomla: an inspiring Joomla story

Thirteen year old Karin Déchamps had a week long internship at redWEB where she got introduced to Joomla. This is her experience with Joomla! Be inspired.

Where are you from?

I’m come from Århus, the second biggest city in Denmark.

Where do you live?

I live in Copenhagen, the capital in Denmark.

How old are you?

I’m 13.

What do you do for living?

I go to school in 8th grade.

What are your interests?

Well… singing, playing guitar, reading, gaming, programming small games, webdesigning and of course coding.

How did you start working with Joomla?

I took a week long internship at the company redWEB. I have programmed small games before that, but never worked with webdesigning. There they introduced me to Joomla. They gave me 30 small tasks about Joomla and it turned into a website. I think that’s brilliant. But then it becomes tricky. You make like the base of the website, like the objects, the content, with Joomla, and then you can add animations, color and rearrange your content with html and css, which I had never used before. So I learned that too at redWEB. When I was done making my first website, redWEB told me to try making a website from scratch only with html and css. Then I realized how much easier it was to make a website with Joomla (and html and css), than only html and css. I mean with html and css I could get it to look like what I had done in Joomla easily, but if you want like a working menu, you have to make as many websites as categories on your menu-bar. Ex: let’s say you have the categories home, books, animals, about, contact. With Joomla you can do that all in one. But if you’re only using html and css you have to make a website for ‘home’, another website for ‘books’, another website for ‘animals’, and so on. After you’ve done all those websites, you have to connect them all. That takes a lot more time than just doing it with Joomla.

Do you want to keep working with Joomla?

Yeah, definitely. redWeb gave me a great introduction to Joomla. Of course you don’t learn everything you can do with Joomla in 1 week, but I know enough to know that I can’t wait to keep exploring.

After the internship at redWEB are you going to develop your own website?

Yeah. I’d like to experiment more with Joomla, HTML, CSS and beginning exploring JavaScript. redWEB told me about webhotels and that it’s possible to buy some really cheap ones. So I’m definitely gonna make more websites!

What was the hardest thing for you in Joomla?

The hardest thing was when I had made the content of the website in Joomla and I was given a website, which I should make my website look like. That was the hardest part.

Did you enjoy your week at redWEB?

Yes, definitely. I was exciting doing the tasks they gave me, and I learned a lot. And I’m sure I can use it all in the future.

What are you planning to do now?

I’m gonna start with learning more HTML and CSS and learn some JavaScript so I can add games inside my website and other more advanced things.



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