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Wrap Up from the Joomla Extension Directory Blog

Wrap Up from the Joomla Extension Directory Blog

With so much information coming from the various Joomla teams, it can be hard to stay on top of all the latest awesomeness. To make your lives a little easier, the Joomla Magazine Team and the Joomla Extension Directory Team are working together to share more information via existing channels.

JED Editor's Blog Wrap Up

You don't know how to start with Joomla?

The Joomla core is powerful and flexible, but any new CMS comes with a learning curve. Take time to learn the basics and how to solve issues. The spent time is well worth it and the end result can be a great website or your new full time job.

Web design without being a designerWeb design without being a designer

The best web design is able to represent a company with images and colors inside a layout. For this tutorial we will use Safe Ride, an non-existent company to show you how to create your own design with some basic requirements.

Joomla tip: extra fields for users

You need to save more data from your users such as address, city, phone, short biography, etc.?

Why should I care about the menu items?

Menu items are essential in any Joomla installation. Individually they represent a link to a page such as contact, home, about us, blog, etc. It is highly recommended to understand more deeper its importance in order to have more control over the modules and the urls mainly, but is not limited to only that.

Eight Joomla tips to make your life easier

Joomla is charged with many options to make your website flexible and powerful. Those features are ready to cover specific needs, integrate new capabilities and make the content much easier to manage.

Last Chance to Upgrade from Joomla 2.5


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