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Leadership Highlights June 2015

Leadership Highlights June 2015

Many of you are or will be returning from a great event in Prague, where besides meeting other community members, a lot of knowledge was shared.

For those of you who were not able to attend, the fantastic video team at J and Beyond provided live stream and worked extra hard to publish all the presentations on their YouTube channel. Though the fun of actually being at the event in person cannot be replaced by the videos, it was great to watch the live stream and the videos of the presentations, to get a taste of the atmosphere. Especially the keynote of Kayla Daniels, The Code Manifesto, deserves some extra attention and recommendation to watch.

We can all learn something from it, especially after the heated debates on the structure proposal, which, as you hopefully know by now, have been voted on and adopted by the Leadership Teams.

Those developments also brought new attention to updating the Code of Conduct that was started at the Joomla World Conference in 2014. The results have been recently shared for Community feedback. We encourage everybody to contribute, share their comments on it and make this work a joint effort to create and maintain the friendly community we’re all so proud of.

While there will still be a lot of work, and time put into the integration of the new structure and finalizing the updates on the Code of Conduct, some member of leadership have departed in recent weeks. Though some resigned because of the adoption of the new structure, others left because their terms had ended. We would like to thank Peter Martin (CLT), Olaf Offick (CLT), Brad Baker (CLT), Isidro Baquero (CLT) and Robert Deutz (PLT) for all their time, work and the effort they put into our Joomla Project as members of the Leadership Team. We are not saying goodbye to them, as we are sure they will all find new places in our project to contribute to and stay active as contributors.

Integrating the new structure will by no means prevent the project from moving forward. The PLT recently announced the appointment of Marco Dings as a member to their team. We welcome him to the leadership and thank him for taking on this responsibility.

In the coming weeks the Leadership will discuss several details on the formation of a transition team that will help integrate the new structure in our project. All communications will be on the leadership email list, for those who want to follow it. There will be some exceptions made for legal feedback from our lawyers, as these kind of conversations are mostly confidential and will not be shared publicly.

Transferring into the new structure will be a huge but great task we all face.
We all need to collaborate on it.
And finally we can all benefit from it.
Let’s just do this all together as a whole!

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