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Training Your Clients with Video - Part 4

Training Your Clients with Video - Part 4

This is the fourth article in a four part series designed to help you create great video training and tutorials for your clients. In part one, I talked about five reasons for training clients with video. In part two, I discussed the tools you'll need, and the preparation you should make to create video tutorials for your clients as part of your site-building workflow. In part three, we talked about the actual "nuts and bolts" of creating these videos. In this article we're going to cover hosting, some thoughts on workflow and a few ways to make your videos stand out.


You have a number of free and inexpensive choices for hosting the training videos you provide for your clients.

  1. On the client’s site. This is free to you of course, and offers an easy option for embedding the videos in articles. This may add to your client’s bandwidth costs depending on their hosting solution, so it may cost the client more in the long run. It’s a good thing there are other options!
  2. YouTube / Vimeo (free). Since these are intended for a very limited audience, you can make videos “private” or “unlisted” and embed them only where you choose. (read this help doc for youtube - http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=157177)
  3. Vimeo Pro - http://vimeo.com/pro For $199 / year, you can have complete control over your videos and the player. You get:
    1. 50GB of storage, 250,000 plays (additional space can be added)
    2. No bandwidth caps or time limits.
    3. High Definition video (up to 1080p!)
    4. Mobile, tablet and connected TV compatibility
    5. Advanced Statistics
  4. If you really get serious and want very advanced analytics and professional grade hosting, I strongly recommend Wistia.com. I can’t say enough about their service - but it doesn’t come cheaply (http://wistia.com/pricing).


The best time to create these videos is while you’re building the site. The general rule of thumb for the training videos at OSTraining.com is 10 to 20 minutes of work for every minute of the final video. I’m not suggesting this strategy at all! The number of edits you need to make for a client training video can be one-tenth of the number for a professional video. (Watch the video at the bottom of the page for more on this).


In the second article, I talked about some of the equipment you’ll need. At the very bottom end, you need a computer with an internal microphone and some software. You can start doing this for around $100!Don’t forget to add the value of your time to the equation too! In the beginning, this process will take longer, but the more you do it, the faster you’ll get.


Finally, please watch this video. I go over a number of things from the article series, talk about green/blue screen video, and I give you a “behind the scenes” look into my studio!

I trust this series has been helpful. If you have any questions - please don’t hesitate to contact me at http://imrodmartin.com/contact-rod/

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