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Leadership Highlights - June 2013

Leadership Highlights - June 2013

On the road.... Usually this headline can be found at the end of the article about what is going on in the Leadership Teams every month. However this month it will be on top, together with a great picture of 18 leadership team members from 10 different nationalities (Chile, Germany, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Spain (2x), Sweden, The Netherlands (3x), UK (2x), US(5x)) who are present at the J and Beyond conference in the Netherlands.

We came several days ahead of most attendees to this event, which is taking place for the fourth year in row, to have a two day leadership team summit and discuss a huge list of subjects together.

On the first day all three teams, the Community Leadership Team (CLT), Production Leadership Team (PLT) and Open Source Matters (OSM), had their separate meetings to talk through their own agendas. The second day was reserved to discuss several topics that need cross-team input and ownership, and to give each other an update on the achievements and progress of the overall goals that were set earlier this year.

The CLT is aiming to have a volunteer portal launched later in 2013. It will be a place to track all kind of tasks that need volunteers and will match them with the skills required. It will also provide a place to show recognition to contributing volunteers. Another area that has their attention is the outdated content on joomla.org. After updating it, the next step will be to make this content available in other languages.

PLT discussed the roadmap and stimulating interest in Bug Squad participation, and in development by organizing working group sessions and code sprints. Documenting howto’s is on their list, as well as scholarship. The first version of the framework will be released this summer, and the decision was made that version 3.2 will be the last version in the Joomla 3 series that contains new features.

OSM reports that a lot of work has been done by the JWC team for the organization of the next Joomla World Conference in November this year in Boston. As you might have noticed, the new website is already online. The team is looking for suggestions for keynote speakers and soon a call will go out for presentations. At J and Beyond a session about the Trademark process will be presented, as well as one about the work being done on certification. Later this year a certification program for the administrator area will be launched. 

To finalize this summary, the budget is about to be finalized in the next weeks after some small tweakings.

Updates on the overall project goals...

There has been a fair amount of discussion about the creation of a Joomla app store on the developer email list. A working group to study the requirements from a coding as well as from a business point of view will be created. The call for help has brought 15 responses so far. .

In another blog a call went out for participating in a newly formed team that will explore how the understanding of our users can be improved. So far eight volunteers have responded, and the aim is to have a broad range of perspectives and languages and cultures for this group, so if you missed it and want to participate, please contact Paul Orwig.

If you have looked lately at the documentation wiki, you might have noticed the huge job that has been done and is still ongoing to improve documentation. Tom Huchison, whose wiki knowledge has already proven very beneficial for this goal, is taking the lead. George Wilson did a major job of getting the help screens for 2.5 done. By the way, both were mentioned in yesterday's J.O.S.C.A.R.S awards for Outstanding Personal Achievement. In the end the award went to Guillermo Bravo from CLT for his efforts to get more people from latin America involved.

Development Manager David Hurley reports that a lot of conversations went on between him and developers all over the world at several JoomlaDays. He is excited about the positive responses. Another plan is to use webinars in more languages to make it easier for new developers to get involved.

In order to make the family of joomla.org websites accessable in other languages, plans are aiming to create a place for translators where they can help the project to translate all kinds of content into different languages. Hopes are high that soon more on this can be announced.

Internationalisation is an important topic within the leadership. It involves many areas and requires help from the community, in order for the Joomla project to grow. The same thing can be said about marketing, an area where we also need a worldwide focus.

The Joomla Flag...

While at this moment most members of the leadership are at J and Beyond, the Joomla flag traveled earlier this month to Bosnia and Herzegovina where Radek Suski, Sander Potjer and David Hurley were present.

Paul Orwig represented Joomla st CMS expo in Chicago.

The members present at J and Beyond are (from left to right:) Sarah Watz [taking the picture], Andrea Tarr, Peter Martin, Ruth Cheesley, Sander Potjer, Paul Orwig, David Hurley, Ofer Cohen, Dianne Henning, Chris davenport, Javier Goméz, Mike Carson, Radek Suski, Marijke Stuivenberg, Olaf Offick, Isidro Baquero and Guillermo Bravo


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