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Joomla! World Conference 2013...

Joomla! World Conference 2013...

Greetings from the nippy and partly cloudy city of Noordwijkerhout, in The Netherlands where J and Beyond 2013 is currently underway. As always, JAB brings together a great group of website users, developers and designers for three days of networking, learning and fun... we will do the same at the Joomla! World Conference.

This year the second Joomla! World Conference will be held on November 8-10 at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). If you have never attended a Joomla event before, this is the event to attend. If you are a regular at Joomla events, this is the one you don't want to miss!

Our focus is on "Networking, Knowledge, Sharing & Community"


While local JoomlaDay events are geared towards the local community, the world conference is tailored to the global Joomla community and the spirit of open source technologies.

Sponsors and vendors will be available on two levels of the venue space. This is not only your chance to get to know them, but they usually have discounts and free offers for the attendees. They are also available for questions and consultations, and some have been known to give you some personal advice over a beer or two.


This year we plan to reach out to the local universities to include students and faculty to get to know Joomla. If you know someone who is attending or teaching at an educational institution, please contact us on the conference website


Relationships made at Joomla events have usually started in various Skype chats, forums or mailing lists ... it is a great opportunity to put a face to the virtual avatar, enhance existing friendships, and create new ones.


A comment I overheard at J and Beyond was, "JAB is like a big family reunion, but with all the best relatives." It is a well known fact that the Joomla community is a close-knit group... but it is also very welcoming to newcomers. So, don't be shy, book your ticket now! 

Submit a Session

The Call for Speakers will begin on Saturday, June 15. More information is forthcoming on the conference website. 

Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring the event please contact Martijn Boomsma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get Your Tickets

Tickets are available now at the Early-Bird price of $249 for three days of action-packed Joomla adventure! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Boston from November 8-10, 2013.


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