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Easy Tips for Using Blogging as a Lead Nurturer

Easy Tips for Using Blogging as a Lead Nurturer

Blogging has many uses, the obvious to create great educational resources for people to consume. But if used correctly, you can blog in a way that can be used for lead generation. I’m not talking about the stage that attracts the visitor to your blog. No, I’m talking about the part that helps convert into a lead. It is an undeniably great tool due to the fact that you can potentially attract and convert a lead in one blog post. In order to avoid you thinking I’m crazy, I will provide you with some great tips for nurturing leads with your blog.  

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Even before you start to write a blog post, collaborate with your sales team. Your sales team is in constant communication with leads every day. Who better to ask for advice than your sales team?

Here are some things to inquire about:

  • What common questions are people asking?
  • What seems to be the biggest struggle?
  • Is there a topic people want to know more about?

If you stick to the ideas that your sales team generate, you will be able to attract more people because it's what your leads want to learn more about.

CTA - Where they Matter

Call to actions are essential for converting leads on your blog. However, there is a science behind creating CTAs which can be explained in more detail in this blog. But I will clue you in quickly on the importance of a good CTA.

If you place the CTA in the right spot on your blog, you can encourage people enough to want to click on them. This means you can't spam their screen with a large and in charge CTA; you have to be subtle and sweet. Once you've mastered the correct recipe for CTAs you will be able to nurture people further down the funnel.

CTAs – Smart Ones

There is a great tool designed by HubSpot to tailor your CTAs based on the stage each individual is at in your sales funnel. This way a person won't be taken to a top of the funnel offer when they should be offered a middle of the funnel offer.

Link to Other Stages

Linking to other stages relates to smart CTAs although it's not automatic. This tip is a risky one though and should be approached with caution because you don't want to push people too quickly. The strategy entails offering a middle of the funnel offer on a top of the funnel blog post topic.

It is important to not force the offer in your content; you want to casually weave it into the conversation. If done right, people may become curious of the offer and click on it. The process of linking to another stage in the sales funnel allows you to gently move people down the funnel.

Linking Elsewhere

Another great linking strategy is adding links to your blog on other pages of your website. By adding links from certain blog posts to related pages (like product or service pages) you can really solidify your trustworthiness.

People will begin to trust your brand if you show them how much you know about topics in your field. So, if you link to a blog post that shows your knowledge and expertise on a subject, people will be more apt to trusting your services, therefore potentially nurturing a lead further.

Talk About Yourself without Being Creepy

It is sometimes appropriate to mention certain products or services within your blog post. But slow your roll, this tactic is just like linking to other stages and offers within your blog. You need to tread lightly.

It is important not to sound like that greasy car salesman everyone avoids like the plague. In order to avoid the salesman conundrum, you have to only place products/services when it makes sense. This means you can't refer to a product that has no relation to the blog topic you are writing about (instant red flag).

It's OK to nonchalantly make a comment about a product you offer if it relates to the topic, but be aware of your method. Salesy jargon is not proper etiquette.

Keep them coming back

If people already have found an interest in your blog, chances are they will like more of your content. If you keep them coming back because they like your content, they may want to explore your company further, not just on your blog but extending into your products and services.

By offering an easy way to subscribe to your blog within each blog post, you are extending your reach tremendously. By offering many resources for great information, you will be moving people in the right direction when it comes to nurturing leads.

They also will be more likely to click on one of the offers you weaved into your posts because they are exposed to it more.

Extend Your Hand to People that Do Care

Another great tip is to find people that have already told you that they are interested. Instead of bombarding people with content they don't care about, connect with the people that do care.

You may be asking yourself, "How do I know if someone cares or not?" You are probably overthinking things. You already have the means to generate these findings.

All you have to do is take a peek at your database. You have a whole system devoted to organizing your leads and keeping track of what they have previously downloaded so why not use it?

Compile a list of the people that were previously interested in the topic of your current blog. Let's say you see that they already downloaded a whitepaper about that topic, so you know they are interested in the topic.

It's as simple as taking that list of people and sending them a noncommittal email with blog content that relates to that topic. This tactic may spark their interest again and get them back in the game.


  • Hit up your sales team for ideas
  • Use CTAs in the right spot
  • Use smart CTA for easy targeting
  • Link to opportunities that will move people down the funnel
  • Link to your blog on other parts of your site to show your expertise
  • Mention your products/services within your posts without scaring people away
  • Give people the chance to subscribe to your blog
  • Take advantage of people who already have an interest on certain topics and keep their interest going by sending an email

Having listed all of these tips for nurturing leads, none of them will work if you don't already have a great blogging strategy. Without great content and dedication, people will not even come to your blog for their information fill.
Once you have great content, you can implement these tips into your blogging strategy in order to extend your reach and start nurturing your leads. Using every one of these tips may not work so it is best to test and try different regimens in order to find one that suits your company best.
How do you use your blog to lead nurture? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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