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The July Issue


July is the month of the Semi-Annual Members Meeting of Open Source Matters and the restart of the election cycle with the Call for Manifestos for half of the Board roles.

But, besides the "politics" of the Project, a lot more is happening: Joomla 4 Beta 2 has been released and the Community is being busy with continuing the successful "Bugs & Fun @Home" initiative, that is the right opportunity for the contributors to spend time together, virtually, working to improve the best Joomla version ever.

As an Open Source Project, we are grateful for all the contributors who bring their passion and dedication to make Joomla better.

And the Magazine Team is proud to provide you another release of the "community voice", marking its 10th birthday, in fact the Joomla Community Magazine was launched in July 2010.

This issue features several articles about Joomla 4, with the intent to present some of the key features of the new major release, as well as, show the progress of some well-known extensions developers who are working to ensure the full compatibility of their extensions, to provide a painless migration from Joomla 3. Alejandro Schmeichler of JReviews and Kawshar Ahmed of JoomShaper have been interviewed by Andrea Gentil.

Patrick Jackson contributed with several articles to this issue, collecting the first impressions and feedback from the community members who just tried the Beta 2 of Joomla 4, presenting the "New Media Manager", as well as the brand new installation process, to install the CMS "in a blink of an eye".

Carlos Camara remarked one of the major J4's features: Accessibility.

July's issue will allow us to know more about one of Joomla's hidden gems: Alison Meeks, a proud Joomler and long-standing volunteer, who serves as Team Leader of the Social Media Team, interviewed by Anja de Crom.

Donata Kalnenaite, Team Leader of the Privacy Compliance Team, continues to provide advice and explanations about Data Privacy Regulations, this time talking about Newsletters and GDPR.

This issue features two international stories: Laura Gordon's virtual Joomla class during the lockdown period and how the Joomla Community supported Robert Fairhead in making his website successful.

John Rampton gave us 20 reasons to choose Joomla: it’s easy to use, to extend and to integrate with third-party systems.

As usual, the Magazine features the open roles and positions throughout the Project, allowing you to see where there is the need of helping hands.


This release wouldn't have been possible without the work of the Community Magazine Team, all the authors and all the people who allowed us to interview them.

Thanks to all those who participated.

The Call for Authors for the Community Magazine is always open. If you want to write for the Magazine, regularly or just once, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contributed to this issue:

Andrea Gentil (Editor), Anja de Crom (Staff Writer), Patrick Jackson (Staff Writer), Sandra Decoux (Creative Director), John Rampton (Author), Donata Kalnenaite (Author), Carlos Camara (Author), Robert Fairhead (Author), Laura Gordon (Author).

Getting templates ready for Joomla 4: Kawshar Ahme...


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