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My experience with the Beta of Joomla! 4

My experience with the Beta of Joomla! 4

Joomla! 4 Beta was released during JandBeyond 2020 at the end of May. I reached out to Beta users in the Joomla! Community about what their initial thoughts are.

The feature I’ve been most impressed with so far is Workflow. Having been keen to see a Joomla! solution for allowing more comprehensive article management and approval processes for several years, out of the box the new Workflow component is giving me the flexibility to implement editorial processes that have long escaped Joomla users… and it’s core functionality!

Patrick Jackson, Melbourne, Australia


Joomla! 4.0 Beta is incredibly easy to get up and running. The time-saving set up is so simple that anyone can do it. The administrative panel is intuitive and easy to navigate with easy access to all the functions that we know and love to set up a site. I’ve used a live example to see how functional version 4 is and have been pleasantly surprised. Workflow is a big plus but overall simplicity is key to going forward with Joomla!

Stuart Robertson, Brisbane, Australia


I have been impressed with its evolution and the attention to detail as it has evolved. It looks like it will be the best CMS from an 'access to all whatever their ability' point of view https://www.w3.org/WAI/standards-guidelines/wcag/. And with governments around the world making accessibility a prerequisite for many projects this is not to be overlooked. I'm also excited by the workflows and the API. Both should really create new ecospheres of tools and user cases.

Phil Walton, London UK


For me the best idea is the dashboards where I can place quick icons and my own modules. Writing modules is easy and Joomla 4 lets me have my own personal control panels where I need them, e.g. for content. Of course already I see some features which can be improved. For example I'd like an individual ordering of items in the system panel - Joomla developers will not become redundant any time soon! But I really like the look and feel of the backend. There are countless details waiting to be discovered by the user. Setting the appearance of the backend to monochrome for example, is beneficial for my eyes.

Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Munich, Germany


I am really looking forward to Joomla 4. Just like Custom Fields were a game changer with Joomla 3.7, the Workflow will bring Joomla to another level and it will be useful for all users. The same applies to Web services, even if this is more a “feature for developers”. Last but not least, the new Media Manager is something we really needed as it was probably the only real weak point in Joomla so far. The fact that you will also be able to connect it with your favourite Cloud (with the help of simple plugins) is also very handy.

Marc Dechèvre, Brussels, Belgium


Certainly I have been waiting for Joomla! 4 and next releases. The web services, SEO features, router improvements are on my favorite list. Thanks to all volunteers who put their work and effort. Keep Joomla! Great!!!

Vikas Pisal, Mannheim, Germany


For me the most exciting things are overall the web services and the new CLI. This will let users consume J4 web services, allowing automation between sites and services, while the CLI gives more opportunities for managing functionality at the machine level.

Nicola Galgano, Rome, Italy


"I have been most impressed by the smooth installation process and the streamlined back end, where accessibility has been taken into account. Two new features will make Joomla 4 attractive in corporate environment, where I supported Joomla sites for many years: basic admin and update tasks can now be performed from the integrated Command Line 

Interface (CLI) console, and the new API allows web services hosted by a Joomla 4 site to be consumed by web applications from other servers or by mobile apps."

Toivo Talikka, Suzhou, China


Joomla 4 brings lots of improvements and nice changes. The dashboards are very useful. Workflow is a real win for the publishing process. And I like the new arrangement: plugins, templates and general management are grouped under ‘system’ and modules are part of ‘content’. I already have a Joomla 4 running and created a framework free template for it. It was really easy.

Viviana Menzel, Langgöns, Germany


I am very excited about Web Services and the Content Workflow. These are two remarkable features that make Joomla more and more the CMS that is “always the right choice”. Compared to other systems Joomla can really deliver solutions for any sized organisation, from small companies to enterprise projects.” 

Elisa Foltyn, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany


Have you used Joomla 4 Beta yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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