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Marketing Make It Happen - JandBeyond 2017

Marketing Make It Happen - JandBeyond 2017

One of the cool things at Joomla conferences like the Joomla & Beyond conference are the ‘Make it Happen’ sessions. These are a great way to get people at the conference involved in the contribution process. As we do every year, Joomla Marketing did its own Make it Happen. Here’s a quick look at the what happened !

Starting off with a general presentation on what all the Marketing team is involved in as well as what all it would like to achieve overall and specifically in the Make it happen, we moved on to specific topics and things to do. The overall goal to position Joomla as a tool for Professional Web Agencies to build websites as applications was reiterated.

One of the points that came out was to document and focus on the benefits of Joomla for its target audience. Some great ideas came up and were 30 odd benefits were documented. Here are some examples.

  • Joomla empowers you to start creating very powerful websites without design or development skills.
  • You can deliver sites in 68 languages
  • If you are familiar with PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS then you can do just about everything you can imagine with Joomla.

Another task that was taken up was the need to give educated answers to blog posts that are written about Joomla and other CMS comparisons without understanding Joomla well. This was a great idea from the guys from Greece !

A start was made on creating an Onboarding process for new Agencies looking to adopt Joomla. We designed part of an onboarding workflow and identified what all assets need to be created to make it easy for a new professional or agency to adopt Joomla to build sites for their clients.

The guys from Africa had some great ideas to promote Joomla in Africa and in educational institutes. These were explored.

A new campaign was planned and a form designed for collecting Testimonials for Joomla from Web agencies all over the world that are using Joomla to deliver powerful applications and websites was kickstarted. These are just some of the ideas ! You can look at our Github backlog for other items we had taken up. 

Thanks to everyone, who attended to this the Make It Happen Session 2017 at Jab 2017 in Poland / Cracow. We appreciate your work and hope to see again soon !


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