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Why choose Joomla for your e-Commerce website

Why choose Joomla for your e-Commerce website

While Content Management Systems (CMS) reduce the burdens associated with building a website, particularly an e-Commerce one, choosing the right system is a pretty hard decision by itself. The three biggest CMSs every eCommerce entrepreneur has to consider are a pretty popular in the CMS world and eCommerce entrepreneurs usually end up choosing one of them for their website. Joomla takes the cake because of its extensive functionality, ease of use, extendability and its ability to deliver a wholesome online business experience.


So why Joomla should be your CMS of choice

Joomla is the middle ground between WordPress and Drupal. It isn't as complex as Drupal but it has the awesome ability to manage complex functionalities for an eCommerce website, besides offering must-have features for a website out-of-the-box. Here are the five solid reasons why you should choose Joomla for your e-Commerce website.

Enhanced Security

Joomla has built-in secure layers that make your eCommerce website invulnerable to security threats. Starting from the CSRF protection to preventing other known vulnerabilities, Joomla excels. Apart from this you also have extensions that help you boost website security. These extensions allow you to add an additional security barrier in the form of captchas, protection from SQL injections, XSS attacks and more. Since e-Commerce websites deal with sensitive customer information day in and day out, these features come in handy to ensure safe transactions on your website.

Fabulous built-in features

This is Joomla's selling point. It's vast range of features that  allow you to do almost anything with your store. A fine-grained access control lists allow you to manage different user (customer) groups with ease. You can sell to a retailer and a wholesale merchant all on the same website. Powerful content management with the built-in meta management gives you a greater SEO advantage. You don't have to rely on external plugins as Joomla itself offers you a great publishing platform.

Multilingual Capabilities

Another big plus is the multi-lingual capability. In the globalised economy, businesses are targeting customers worldwide. You can build a multi-lingual online store easily when compared to other CMS platforms. You can also host websites in any kind of language thanks to its multilingual support. The features are limitless.

Thousands of Third Party Extensions

Want to add a membership feature to your website ? No problem.  Need to accept donations ? Yes. You can. Need to sell tickets and taking bookings for your events? You have got it. The CMS has more than 8000+ plugins to extend the functionality of your website. The best of all, many of the extensions are free and well-supported. Developers, out there are constantly bringing in new plugins and modules that can make running an e-Commerce website smooth and hassle free.

Another thing to love about Joomla is the fantastic array of templates available in the market. And you have them designed for every kind of e-Commerce possible. The best part is not all of them have to be paid for. There are a great number of fantastic free templates if you have budget constraints.

A responsive, friendly community

Along the way building your website, you need help. With Joomla, you can get it easily.  The Joomla community is vibrant,responsive and you can accelerate your learning curve smoothly.You have a lot of experts on the forums who provide helpful advice, hacks, and solutions to newcomers on how to set up their eCommerce on Joomla. The community is quite large and you can receive a lot of help for Joomla related queries.

Start building your e-Commerce website with the most-loved CMS in the world.

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