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JoomlaDay Minnesota 2016: An Event You Want To Attend

JoomlaDay Minnesota 2016: An Event You Want To Attend
What started as a content management system(CMS) has become so much more over time. Yes, it is now the second largest CMS in the world, but it is also a thriving community. Millions of people are already using Joomla for either personal or work reasons. Many of those people actively communicate with one another.

JoomlaDay Brings People Together.

Multiple events are held throughout the year in different areas that bring together thousands of Joomla users in total. These events are known as JoomlaDays. There is usually only ever one JoomlaDay at a time within a particular area. You can even organize your own.

Some areas have already experienced multiple JoomlaDays over the past years. Still, many places have yet to experience this one-of-a-kind event. New locations are discussed and organized all of the time.

One such area that received their first JoomlaDay not too long ago was Minnesota. At the time, not many Joomla users in the area were known or networking together. Their first JoomlaDay brought plenty of users out of the shadows. Over 100 people attended that first JoomlaDay Minnesota in 2014 and over 250 in 2015.

The New, The Experienced, And The Developers.

This is only one example of how JoomlaDay has brought together users of this CMS that may have never known one another otherwise. They all came together with other Joomla users as well as the developers of the software. It was a chance to have fun, to communicate, to network, and to learn.

These days are not just reserved for the hardcore Joomla enthusiast. As a matter of fact, in the first Minneapolis event, the largest audience came to see the “the beginners track”. This section discussed some of the basics of learning and utilizing Joomla, such as proper workflow and web designing with the CMS.

Other tracks that are usually included are marketing, business, and developing. Individual topics covered in these tracks include security, statistics, coding, and licensing; just to name a few.

Why Should You Attend JoomlaDay Minnesota?

As mentioned earlier, JoomlaDay brings together people and developers of all skill levels. It presents a unique learning opportunity for everyone, whether they are new to this CMS, or they have been using it for years.

Some people who attend the event have never even heard of Joomla before learning about JoomlaDay. If you are one of those people, then you have a lot to gain from attending this Minnesota event. Joomla is already designed to be easily used by beginners, but the experience gained from JoomlaDay can help you go above and beyond what the average beginner can achieve.

What if you are a more experienced Joomla user? There is still plenty to learn; whether it is about coding, marketing, or other more advanced topics. Joomla is open source and always improving. There is always something new to be learned. You do not want to make the mistake of growing stale in your knowledge and falling behind the curb.

JoomlaDay can put you on the front line of the latest tips, tricks, trends, and secrets of the business. You can be among the first to learn about them, thus presenting an opportunity to take a step ahead of the competition.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the learning potential of these events. Even so, learning still isn't the only reason for attending JoomlaDay. There is also the tremendous networking potential that makes these events stand out.

The friends and acquaintances you make at JoomlaDay Minnesota could prove to be a treasured resource throughout your career. You may even be able to learn from them by seeing what they are currently accomplishing with their JoomlaDay CMS.

There are several people who have personal presentations. These presentations are viewed in-between the talks given by the keynote speakers. You can meet new people and get new ideas. That brings us to one of the last reasons you might attend JoomlaDay Minnesota in 2016: the keynote speakers.

This Year's Keynote Speakers.

The two announced keynote speakers for JoomlaDay Minnesota 2016 are John Rampton and Jason Nickerson. John Rampton has been an entrepreneur for his entire life. He began learning as much as possible about online marketing in 2007 and hasn't looked back since. He has recently been named one of the top 50 Online Influencers in the World (Number 3 to be exact).

His interest in online marketing grew from necessity. Bedridden because of a terrible accident he was under the impression that he would never walk again. He would often spend up to 20 hours a day in bed behind the computer learning what it takes to sell products online and earn a living: and that he did.

Aside from his success as an online marketer, John spends his time speaking at public and private events. He has given many talks and counseled plenty of entrepreneurs who have gone on to sell their ideas for big bucks to more major companies. He will surely have plenty of helpful information to provide this year at JoomlaDay.

There are plenty of other speakers aside from these two keynote speakers.

Randy Carey, Mike Demopoulos, and Robert Jacobi will be giving the beginners talks.

The advanced talks will be coming from Cory Webb, Steve Burge, and Michael Babker.

The Venue.

You also have a fantastic venue this year. This year's JoomlaDay MN will be taking place in Aloft Minneapolis: a great hotel in downtown Riverside Mill District. It is right down the road from the Target Field as well as the Guthrie Theater. The park across the street hosts a beautiful view of the Mississippi River.

In Conclusion.

JoomlaDay MN has always been a huge success in the past and this year will be no different. They have a great venue, quality speakers, and lots to offer everyone who attends. Whether you are a new Joomla user, or you've had this CSM for years, you can benefit from attending JoomlaDay Minnesota 2016.

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