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Creating com_services for Front-end Website Administration for CMS 3

Creating com_services for Front-end Website Administration for CMS 3

How's Going To Be The Upcoming Joomla! Front End Administration

Who is Buddhima ?

I'm Buddhima Wijeweera from Sri Lanka. My hometown is Galle, is considered as the capital town of southern province in Sri Lanka. Currently I'm a final year student in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

During my projects at university I mostly worked with projects related to Java language and I like to contribute to open source projects. During my internship period at WSO2 Lanka, I was able to do contributions to Apache projects. During my free time I had an interest to learn and experience web application related stuffs. Therefore I started to learn PHP, which I never dreamt that would end up in a stage like this.

Familiarity with Joomla!

My familiarity with Joomla goes beyond 2 years back. At first I created Joomla web sites for project purposes at university. Combining both knowledge in PHP and Joomla! I was able to do various tricky things in Joomla, which led me to apply to Joomla during last year GSoC. At that time I was able to fix issues in Joomla! Platform and 12.1 release of it has taken them in. Even though my application was rejected last year, with the guidance of Elin Waring, I created a plugin and a module which were using Open Street Maps, and now currently available at JED. That helped me a lot to gain knowledge about developing extensions for the Joomla CMS.

Thereafter I turned to platform, and Elin asked me to start working on JOpenstreetmap package for platform. It was a project idea in 2012 GSoC project idea page. I took the challenge and I have successfully finished it by the end of December. Now anyone can find it in Joomla platform and in Joomla 3.1 release.

GSoC 2013 Project

Day by day, people want to consume content on different kinds of devices like tablets, smart phones other than on web browsers. To accomplish such requirements Joomla also need to move towards service oriented architecture. Through this project, I'm proposing initial steps to such web service based architecture for Joomla.

The purpose of this project is enable developers to build applications which can do Joomla administration, which are currently restricted to Joomla back end. For Joomla! CMS I'm going to create a front end component which will allow users to do some administrative tasks which are currently limited to Joomla back end. In addition to that this project will convert a few Joomla back end components into new MVC architecture.

The primary outcome of this project would be a Joomla! CMS which can do administrative tasks using web services. Therefore developers will be able to implement web service applications which interact with Joomla back end and do necessary configurations. Bringing most useful administrative tasks to front end will be a great help for fresh Joomla super users because they will be able to do most important configurations without accessing into complex Joomla backend global configuration panel.

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