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Improve Form Fields

Improve Form Fields

I am a Achal Aggarwal from India entitled as "GSOCer" or better I form it "JGSOCer" for 2013 summer. I am all set to code away this summer with Joomla. I am working on form field library so that it match up with standards of HTML5 and can provide developers an option to deisgn form elements in a more descriptive way.

Now that you have decided to continue to read, I will introduce myself first. As I said I am Achal from India studying Computer Science and Engineering in Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering, New Delhi. I am a member of Google Developer Group and Linux User Group. 

I started contributing to the open source community with Joomla. Joomla is the first platform that I took because of some few simple reasons: it is wonderfully structured, documented and supported. Because of these reasons I was able to catch up with Joomla CMS and Platform real quick.

About my project “Improve Form Fields”

I picked this project because when I was searching for organisation on the GSoC12 page, I checked all the tech I am familiar with and Joomla was in the top five communities that came up. This project is very interesting as I am going to contribute in the area which is common to CMS, Platform as well as Framework. So this project will affect all three products equally. Another reason is that I get a chance to work with HTML5.

I think you will get confused by term “Improve Form Fields” and “Introducing HTML5”. Actually I mean by improving form fields is by introducing HTML5 new attributes like placeholder, autofocus, spellcheck, multiple, etc., and new input fields like email, tel, range, number, etc., and few new elements like meter, progress. To know about all these new features go to my website mentioned below.

Some references to follow up:

  1. JGSOC’13 proposal link - http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2013/achal_aggarwal/1
  2. Demo / test site - http://googlesummerofcode2.cloudaccess.net/
  3. Github site - http://achal-aggarwal.github.io/JForm/
  4. Repository - https://github.com/Achal-Aggarwal/joomla-cms , https://github.com/Achal-Aggarwal/joomla-framework , https://github.com/Achal-Aggarwal/joomla-platform.
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