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How to Select the Best Social Network for Roaring Business Promotions?

How to Select the Best Social Network for Roaring Business Promotions?

Which exactly is the best social medium for business promos? Of course, it is a million dollar question and everyone acquainted to social networks will obviously seek an answer for this. There is quite a lot of chaos out there in the space over deciding the best ever social platform to enhance business needs; and, the answers vary from person-to-person. 


But, candidly speaking, no experts can really point out a social medium and state "this" is the best social network to turn in hefty profits. Facebook, considered to be the best platform formerly is now reported to be under-performing and this could happen to any platform performing hot in the market today. Anyway, my suggestion would be to go for the best network that suits your business aspects, budget rather trying some other network which is nowhere related to your business, it doesn't matter how huge the medium is.

I'd like to emphasize that social media is just a tool to connect with your customers and not a marketplace to set your business ideas rolling. Any business approaching social media with this intent could easily convert better sales in a quick interval of time. Here, in this article I'd help you with a few suggestions on applying which finding the relevant social platform fitting your budget and business becomes easier.

Facebook - Perfect choice for content marketers

It doesn’t require any explanation or statistical reports as it is everyone’s favorite. Today, you could hardly find any person who doesn’t have an account in Facebook yet; if anyone does, he/she might be from some other planet. It is apparent from the above statement that Facebook holds the highest customer base compared to other networks. It isn’t a bad idea to tap this customer base with business ideas and convert them into sales. In fact, it is what most businesses tried a few years before. But, the entry of too many businesses in this platform has forced most users to reconsider their decisions when it comes to buying or selling any products. Candidly speaking, most customers almost ceased using this social platform a few months back.

To put an end to this burning issue, Facebook formulated some stringent guidelines for businesses advertisements via this medium. As a result, now Facebook has become an expensive gimmick. While majority of businesses are looking out for some other platforms to brand their products, a few companies are still leveraging this platform to improve their business rankings and they are succeeding as well. Anyway, it offers splendid options like setting up Facebook stores, branding products, etc. But, deploying customer-friendly business ideas would be the best option rather than irrelevant promotional strategies to expand your business accomplishments here. Ideal choice for content marketing, but ensure your business content is professional, unique and high-quality!

Twitter - Highly rated for content-based business ads

Twitter, once known to be perfect platform for celebrities, notable figures and multi-national businesses, is now the perfect place for everyone who shares something fresh, innovative, and useful. Tweeting the business ideas would be a great option, but if the tweets are found to be disinteresting, obviously it won’t affect your sales anyway. If your business comprises products which can garner the attention of youths, Twitter would be the apt choice for promoting your business needs. Youths prefer Twitter as it is easy follow up via mobiles. Twitter has its own app which helps teens to update even the most recent happenings in it with ease. Suits perfectly for content marketing! However, keep in mind the word limit for tweets is below 140 characters.

Pinterest - Best fit for image-based social marketers

We can call it the latest social sensation as it has is topping charts in the recent times. In fact, lots of online businesses are targeting this fascinating medium as it relies heavily on the videos and images. It is the best place to promote all your video- and image-based products, services without any hassles and bustles. Apart from this, unlike other social sites, it drives direct traffic to the websites. So, the possibility of raise in sales is always possible when business promos are carried out via this exciting network. However, this couldn’t be a great tool for content marketing as it is highly dependent on images and videos. So, if your business thrives on content marketing, better don’t opt for this social medium.

YouTube – Reliable option for video-based business promotions

As the adage goes “Make hay while sun shines,” using YouTube to promote your products and services would be the best option to promote any businesses. Today, videos have the ability to communicate better with the customers. Incorporating videos to your websites would be the best option to enhance the business promos. Setting up a YouTube channel can bring in dramatic traffic as there are millions of customers accessing this potential social medium from various parts of the world. If your business is all about videos or video-related marketing, opting for YouTube would be the best option.


I believe the information provided in this post would be helpful in finding the best social platform that fits your business needs and budget. Never go for a network that doesn’t have anything to do with your business. Also, fancying your business formulations in all the networks can lead to business debacle as well. Pick the right one using which reaching out a wide range of customers would be absolutely easy and cost-effective.

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