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Happy first birthday, Joomla! Community Magazine!

Happy first birthday, Joomla! Community Magazine!

This version of the Joomla! Community Magazine was launched on July 1st of 2010, and so the release of this issue officially marks your JCM's first birthday!

Stories about code and stories about people

Including this issue, the JCM has now published 275 positive stories about Joomla!. Stories have been shared about code, from updates about work on the Joomla! core to evaluations of third party extensions. From CSS tips and tricks to evaluating templates and template frameworks. From security issues to design principles. From solving problems to usability testing. From reviews of books about the code to case studies about compelling websites built with the code.

Stories have been shared about people, from developers who write the code to sitebuilders who share their insights on how to build a business based on that code. From people with ideas on how to improve the project, to people who are implementing new sites and new enhancements in all areas of the project. From people who are leading the project, to other equally important volunteers who work tirelessly and quietly to keep things running smoothly. From people who organize and participate in events all over the world where ideas and knowledge are shared and personal connections with other are made, to people with needs and those in the larger community who have joined together to help them.

Reaching out in many different ways

The JCM has been committed to reaching out to our community in many different ways. Every JCM issue has featured articles submitted by members of our community who are not on the JCM team. Forty stories have been published by authors writing in 14 other languages besides English, and the JCM currently accepts stories submitted in 22 languages besides English. The JCM gives readers the option to choose between 57 other languages besides English to read content in. The JCM has also published content in other forms besides articles and stories, such as videos, music, cartoons, original art, and poetry.

Overcoming challenges and getting recognition

This past year in production (along with the nine months of planning and development that preceeded it) has not been without its share of challenges and struggles, but through it all the JCM has continued to tell positive stories about Joomla! in every monthly issue. The JCM has always emphasized openness, inclusiveness, and empowerment, and that has allowed a spirit of fun and teamwork to thrive on our team.

In May of this year at JAB11, the JCM was recognized by winning two J.O.S.C.A.R. awards, one for Best Community Website and the other for Innovation of the Year. Those awards are nothing more and nothing less than a reflection of all the people on the JCM team.

A lot of fun and a great first year

I feel very fortunate to have been involved with this project from the very beginning. I have had a lot of fun getting to know and working with such a diverse group of bright and passionate volunteers from all over the world who have joined the JCM team. And in the process, I have learned a lot about myself and formed strong friendships with some great people.

As great as this first year has been for the JCM, I hope that even better things are yet to come. And even more than that, I hope you will consider getting involved with the JCM or some other aspect of the Joomla! project yourself. If you do choose to become involved with the Joomla! project, I hope you will find (as I have) that the gifts and rewards of contributing far outweigh the effort.

Happy first birthday, Joomla! Community Magazine!

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