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Your Guide to the Joomla Year


Every year, I promise myself I will see more national events, then promptly forget to book them. I think I’m not the only one. So, for all of us: here is your guide to what is happening in Joomla and how you can become more active.

There are many aspects to Joomla. There is the Content Management System (CMS), its development and release cycle, and then there is the social aspect, JoomlaDays, whether in person or virtually. There are elections to Open Source Matters (OSM) and teams to join and take part in.

International conferences where Joomla takes part and also competitions where you can vote for Joomla and help make the CMS come top in the polls.

So, let us dive in and try to make a Chronological guide to all that is happening in the world of Joomla this year.

The Joomla Year

Vote for the CMS Critic Awards: Joomla for the win


Opens 8 January 2024

Deadline 24 January 2024

The CMS critic awards are our chance to promote Joomla to a broader audience.

We have won in many previous years for categories including:

  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Open Source CMS

If you can, take the time to nominate Joomla for the categories you think best fit the CMS

Then, keep an eye out for the voting dates. It really helps to keep Joomla in the public eye if we win!

Become President, Secretary, Production DC or Operations DC


The deadline for your manifesto is January 31, 2024, at 23.59 UTC

It is that time of year when the following 4 positions are open for nomination and election in this cycle:

So make sure you are active on a team so you can get a vote, or why not put yourself forward for a post?

Pizza Bugs and Fun


24 February 2024

Calling all writers, testers and developers (or anyone who wants to learn). This is your chance to help make the upcoming Joomla release stable and get the documentation ready for the launch day. It would be really helpful if you could get acquainted with the processes in advance so we can spend the whole day getting on with the work. Check the PBF website to find out how to be fully prepared for the event!

Joomla Day USA


11 - 13 April 2024

Joomla Day USA is an international online event that brings together those in the USA with the rest of the world.

JoomlaDay USA brings together Joomla enthusiasts, developers, and users from the United States and beyond. fostering community engagement, sharing knowledge, and promoting the use of Joomla.

Previous years have included:

  • Workshops and Presentations: Experts in the field present on various topics related to Joomla, such as website development, design, SEO, and security. These sessions are often tailored to suit different levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users.
  • Networking Opportunities: The event provides a platform for attendees to network with other Joomla users, developers, and professionals. This is an opportunity to share experiences, collaborate on projects, and form professional connections.
  • Training Sessions: Hands-on training sessions may be conducted for those who wish to learn more about specific aspects of Joomla, like template development, extension development, or site management.
  • Community Discussions: JoomlaDay USA often includes discussions on the future of Joomla, community building, and how to contribute to the Joomla project.
  • Vendor Booths: Companies that provide Joomla-related services or products often have booths or stalls at the event, where they showcase their offerings.

Joomla 5.1 release

16 April 2024

An exciting day with the release of Joomla 5.1 There will be a release party in the evening, details in Mattermost days before.

Come along and find out what made it into the final version, chat with those involved and shout out about your favourite CMS.

20i FOSS Awards


Opens 2 May 2024

Deadline 26 May 2024

Last year, Joomla emerged as the winner in the "CMS Software" category. This achievement is particularly notable given the substantial competition in this field and the many votes cast 7,000 in total across various categories.

The victory in the 20i FOSS Awards did not just bring recognition for Joomla; it also came with a tangible reward. Joomla had the option to choose between two prizes: either Free 20iCloud Managed Cloud Hosting with substantial technical specifications or a Self-managed VPS with equally impressive features. Joomla opted for the Self-managed VPS, which the Operations Department still uses today.

So please do cast your vote and make this happen again!

J and Beyond

17-19 May 2024


J and Beyond is an annual international conference primarily focused on Joomla but also aspects of software, databases and coding environments that Joomla utilises.

The Covid pandemic halted it back in 2020, and there was an online event instead, but this year, it's back in person!

It features a range of activities, including keynote presentations, workshops, sessions, and networking opportunities.

The event aims to provide insights into the latest trends and developments in the Joomla world. It's a platform where we share knowledge, learn new skills, discuss challenges, and collaborate on solutions. The conference also often includes discussions on the future direction of Joomla, updates on the latest version of the CMS, and workshops on advanced topics.

If you're interested in Joomla or web development in general, attending J and Beyond could be a valuable experience. It's a chance to meet experts in the field, gain new perspectives, and stay updated with the latest advancements in CMS technology.

It is the event I have learnt the most from over the years of attending and is primarily a developer-centric event.

JoomlaDays NL

31 May - 1 June 2024



JoomlaDays NL is an annual event held in the Netherlands for anyone involved in building websites using Joomla, ranging from beginners to advanced users, including content managers and extension developers. This event is a platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and gaining inspiration within the Joomla community.

I had such a great time there last year, and the community was very welcoming to those with just English. One presentation due to take place in Dutch switched to English at the last moment to accommodate me!

I can thoroughly recommend it as a fun and accessible event for all levels with something for everyone.

Group 1 Elections

August 2024

Your chance to vote for or nominate yourself for one of the open positions on the board.

Last year's timeline is here


And no doubt this year will be similar.

Pizza Bugs and Fun (PBF)


24 August 2024

This is another chance to use the skills you learned in February and join another PBF. This is your chance to help make the upcoming Joomla release stable and get the documentation ready for the launch day. It would be really helpful if you could get acquainted with the processes before the day so we can spend the whole day getting on with the work.

Joomla Day DACH

20 - 21 September 2024



Joomla Day DACH brings together Joomla enthusiasts, including web designers, site managers, and users from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (D-A-CH region).

Last year was Austria's turn to host; this year, it is Germany.

The event typically features various activities like workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities. It's a platform for sharing experiences, learning new things about Joomla, and connecting with others in the community.

Every year, they have the J!Otto Awards, recognising the best Joomla websites created by freelancers and agencies.

There was an English stream last year, so I could attend and understand the proceedings but pay particular attention when they announce any changes to the eating schedule as that could leave you stranded in an empty hotel one evening!

Joomla 5.2 released

15 October 2024

Another exciting day with the release of Joomla 5.1 There will be a release party in the evening, details in Mattermost days before.

Find out what made it into the final version, discuss with those involved in the release and shout out about your favourite CMS.

Finally, have I missed anything?

If you know of an event that is taking part, awards you feel we should know about, or anything else that involves the Joomla community, please do add in the comments, and I will add it to the article so this can be a living document that helps us all to stay in touch and be aware of what we can do in the Joomla Community.

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Don't forget the monthly Joomla London Meetups :)

Don't forget the best monthly meetups. https://www.joomlalondon.co.uk/

Don't forget the best monthly meetups. https://www.joomlalondon.co.uk/

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