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Holopin and Joomla, a partnership worth celebrating with a badge!


Gamification of testing is something often discussed in the threads of Joomla discussions.

Wouldn't it be a great idea if we could reward those volunteers who are doing the work hard and putting in the time with something fun and creative? Well, now we can!

The partnership between Holopin and Joomla brings a whole new meaning to the term “badge holder”.

Over the past few months, Brian Teeman and Phil Walton have been involved in negotiations with Holopin. It all started after Brian saw Holopin demonstrated and thought what a great idea it would be if Joomla volunteers were able to use it.

Brian then contacted Phil who took up the baton and ran with the idea. Emails with Elena Lape, the founder of Holopin, passed back and forth over the holiday period and after Elena kindly demonstrated Holopin and explained what ideas they have to expand its use, Phil took the partnership proposal to the board. The OSM board were enthusiastic about the idea and happily endorsed it.

We’re excited to share what it means for us all!

So what is Holopin?

Holopin is a digital badge platform that lets organisations issue sticker-like digital badges & micro-rewards. Using Holopin APIs and integrations, organisations can add gamification to their processes, incentivize the community, motivate and encourage contributors, and more!

Holopin has a number of unique gamification features. You can share your badges on Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as create an entire badge board for GitHub and GitLab profiles and personal websites. Each badge is a unique, verifiable credential (not NFTs though!), and can be used as a certificate on LinkedIn or on your resume.

Purpose of this exciting partnership

The purpose of the partnership is to provide a way for the Joomla community, its open-source contributors, supporters and users to earn recognition for their contributions and skills. Such recognition, it is hoped, will promote the growth and development of the Joomla community, our community.

Holopin will offer badges to Joomla community members who meet certain criteria and will provide a platform and API access for displaying and sharing badges. We, the Joomla community, will be responsible for creating and provisioning badges based on contributions and skills and we will be responsible for managing the criteria and process for awarding badges.

Length of the Partnership

Our partnership is now ongoing and open-ended, allowing both parties the flexibility to continue working together as long as it is mutually beneficial. This allows us to fully explore the capabilities of Holopin and make the most of it, while also building a strong, long-term partnership.

So what does the partnership involve?

We will work together to create 20 custom badges each year, and Holopin will provide unlimited access to these badges for all eligible recipients. Additionally, Joomla will have early access to new features and integrations from Holopin. Holopin will also promote Joomla in their marketing efforts, such as through blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, case studies, and website content.

On Joomla's end, we will showcase Holopin as a partner on our website, and promote them in our marketing materials and communications. This partnership will help us to better serve our users and provide more value to our community.

Where do you, a Joomla community member, come in?

Once Joomla has created some new badges, we would really love members of the community to show off their new badges, spread the word and the Joomla/Holopin love with your social media accounts and get more involved with the project.

If designing badges is your thing, then marketing could really do with you joining and getting involved in the design and implementation process

If earning badges is your thing (and we want it to be!), look out for the many ways you will be able to contribute and grow your badge collection.

Happy collecting!

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Brian Teeman on Friday, 20 January 2023 08:45

If you are looking for an example of what a Holopin board can look like you can check out my demo account and see how it is embedded on my github profile.

If you are looking for an example of what a Holopin board can look like you can check out my [url=https://www.holopin.io/@brianteeman#]demo account[/url] and see how it is embedded on my [url=https://github.com/brianteeman]github profile[/url].
Patrick on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 14:46
Pretty Cool — Let's have Fun!

That's pretty cool, I love it. It goes well with Joomla Community! — Let's have Fun!
I see you can have Custom Joomla Badges, Great!

That's pretty cool, I love it. It goes well with Joomla Community! — Let's have Fun! I see you can have Custom Joomla Badges, Great!

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