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The Joomla Community Magazine 2016 website statistics

The Joomla Community Magazine 2016 website statistics

At the start of 2017 we look back at the Joomla! Community Magazine (JCM) statistics for 2016. This is the first of a 2-part review.

According to the Google Analytics stats for 2016 there were a total of 564,834 user Sessions, 428,155 Users, and 755,504 Pageviews.

New Visitors were 74.8%, and Returning Visitors 25.2% of the sessions.

The following stats are based on the user Sessions for 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016, and include the stats for both the main English (with international-language articles), and the Spanish Edition of the Joomla Community Magazine.


JCM Demographics Overview Analytics

Looking at the Demographics we see that most (36.72%) of our readers fall in the 25-34 age group, followed by 27.16% in the 35-44 and 17.11% in the 18-24 age groups.

The reported Gender breakdown is 77.97% Male and 22.03% Female. We need to work on improving the gender balance.


The Language settings in the users’ browsers shows that apart from the en-us language setting that would be used in the North America (and also elsewhere in the world), a total of 36% of users have one of the Spanish-language variants.

  • en-us - 30.74%
  • es - 21.37%
  • es-es - 7.41%
  • es-419 - 5.85%
  • fr - 5.51%
  • de - 4.65%
  • en-gb - 3.77%
  • es-mx - 1.46%
  • ru - 1.45%
  • pt-br - 1.32%
  • de-de - 1.25%
  • nl - 1.09%
  • fr-fr - 0.89%
  • pl - 0.77%
  • it - 0.72%
  • it-it - 0.57%
  • es-ar - 0.56%
  • el - 0.53%
  • ru-ru - 0.53%
  • pt-pt - 0.53%


JCM Location Country Analytics

Spain tops the list of countries where most of the JCM readers are from, followed by United States, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, France, India, United Kingdom, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Iran, Greece, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Poland & Romania. (top 25 countries, from most to least sessions)

JCM Location City Analytics

For a large portion of the location data no city is set. Bogota (the capital of Colombia) surprises us at the top of the list, followed by Madrid, Mexico City, Santiago, Barcelona, Caracas, London, La Victoria, Buenos Aires, Paris, Medellin, Athens, Quito, New Delhi, Valencia, Cali, Bengaluru, Seville, Bangkok, Berlin, Tehran, New York, Sydney, and Guatemala City. (top cities, from most to least sessions)

The Sub Continent statistics give a good idea of where in the world the JCM readers are from:

JCM Location Sub Continent

Most user sessions recorded are from South America, followed by Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central America, Northern America, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Australasia, Northern Africa, Caribbean, Eastern Asia, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, Middle Africa, Central Asia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and the Micronesian Region.


JCM Browser Analytics

Browser analytics reveal that a large majority of JCM readers use Chrome, with Firefox in the second place, followed by Safari and Internet Explorer.

JCM Mobile Analytics

The Device Category stats show that 88.41% of the sessions are viewed via a Desktop device, with 9.38% via Mobile device, and 2.21% on a Tablet.

The low percentage for Mobile and Tablet devices is unusual, but it’s only been a few months since we switched the JCM over to a responsive template, and there’s still some work to be done.

Next month

I hope you enjoyed the stats.

In Part 2 of our 2016 overview (in the Feb 2017 edition), I will look at the volunteers who contributed to the Joomla Community Magazine, and which articles are getting the most views.

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