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First Joomla! User Group Meeting in Poland

First Joomla! User Group Meeting in Poland

The first Joomla! User Group meeting in Poland, called JUG-Silesia, met on December 14. Forty people came to hear three interesting presentations, and a lot of awards were in store for the participants.

The first meeting of JUG-Silesia is already behind us. Has it fulfilled the expectations of its organizers? Yes, and it even went beyond expectations.

We were delighted with the Silesians’ response to our call, and had over forty people to hear the presentations prepared by Michał Trzepizur, Piotr Nalepa, and Sławomir Pieszczek. We also had the great pleasure of welcoming visitors from Wisła, Bełchatów and even from.... Belgium!

Lots of greetings came from our friends from outside Poland, among them from Ofer Cohen (Israel), Saurabh Shah (India), Sander Potjer (the Netherlands), and Ronni K.G. Christiansen (Denmark). At the beginning our audience was slightly uncomfortable and intimidated, but with time became more open as they found Joomla! to be a common area of interest to all of us.




Questions started to pour almost endlessly, and after the subjects of interest were exhausted we ALMOST forgot the prize draws - what we were all impatiently waiting for from the beginning of the event.

After completion of presentations we enjoyed an after-party, where we talked, evoked memories, had a piece of cake and a cup of coffee (read: beer). The party was over at midnight with everyone tired, but truly happy.

Now with impatience we are looking forward to the next JUG-Silesia meeting, with hopes to strengthening a lively, integrated and ardent community whose common denominator is JOOMLA!

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