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Joomla! - We Keep It Movin'

Joomla! - We Keep It Movin'

For many of us, today we celebrate the ability to look back on a year filled with challenges and opportunities and say to ourselves, "One more time, I've made it." It's also a time when we look forward and resolve to change those things we think we can improve and commit to working on all those great ideas there just wasn't enough time for.

This past year, our community didn't wait. We took matters into our own hands and resolved to tackle any obstructions to progress, we committed ourselves to collaborating on numerous fronts, from this magazine to enlisting bug hunters and squashers en masse. Because of the relentless spirit for community of those who led this, dare I say, revolution, you are reading my words and those of others who have joined the ranks of Joomla! fan boys and girls to contribute their time and talent.

This magazine served as a catalyst for getting the community involved in nothing less than changing the world, starting with the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 website project. With an overwhelming response to the call, this month we are forging ahead. And that's only one of many community powered initiatives that brings us together to share and empower one another while we work on the common goal of keeping Joomla! a top contending CMS. Our willingness to collaborate towards that goal is what makes us a community; and our collective skills, ingenuity and passion keep Joomla! moving forward.

There is a place for everyone in this community and you can find or learn more about how to get involved in many different areas in one of this month's feature stories, Ask not what Joomla! can do for you...

Don't wait until next January, join us. Seize the day. Each day. Resolve, commit and keep it movin' — Joomla! Forward.

In this issue...

A special thanks to the members of the Joomla! community who are contributing authors in this month's issue: Theo van der Zee.

Feature stories

Leadership Connections

Website Case Studies

Extensions and Services Evaluations

JUGs and Events

Did you know…?

Designer's studio

Administrator's toolkit

Book Reviews

Joomla! in the Press/Media

On the lighter side...

The Joomla! Haiku: Share yours!

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