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Backup Now! - You know you should!

Backup Now! - You know you should!

In Joomla! we are exceedingly lucky with the quality of extensions provided to make backing up your site easy - just a few parameters and the job is done. In this article Team EaSE shows you three free backup extensions, one plugin and two components.

Backup, backup, backup - we say that but do we do it?


These are three different backup methods each with their own strengths - a database backup plugin, a component with the added bonus of the translation tools and a major backup component with many features. All have their uses. We encourage you to visit their sites and learn more - also to perhaps support all these devs by purchasing their very reasonably priced support or professional versions.  

Issue 8

All backed up and securely passworded? Excellent! Team EaSE is currently researching Joomla! Extensions and Services designed to intrigue, delight and maybe educate you in Joomla! Community Magazine 2011. 

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