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Ask not what Joomla! can do for you...

Welcome to 2011! We're looking forward to an exciting year in Joomla! With Joomla! 1.6 to be released soon, and the Joomla! community constantly growing, there's lots to do around here! Hopefully you've already made some plans for the upcoming year, but if not, we've got some great suggestions for how you can contribute to Joomla! in 2011! So get your pen out, check out the list of opportunities for you to help, and add a couple to your resolutions for this year!

Get involved in a local Joomla! User Group (JUG)

  • Joomla! users around the world meet regularly to “talk shop” and learn more about Joomla! Find one in your area and jump in! Can’t find one close to you? Its super easy to start one!

Submit your ideas for Joomla!

  • Joomla! really is a community driven project, and it can only go so far as the creativity of the community allows. So, do you have an idea or feature that would help Joomla!? Submit your ideas and vote on others at Ideas.Joomla.org

Create a Component, Plugin, or Module

  • Joomla!’s strength lies in the development of components, plugins, and modules that make Joomla! a versatile platform. Have an idea for a new feature? Add your solutions to the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) where Joomla! users everywhere can expand their website based off of your solution.

Tell your friends about Joomla!

  • Do you like Joomla!? Let everyone know! This is an easy one, you can become a Joomla! fan on facebook, write a blog post about Joomla!, make a video, tweet and retweet about Joomla!, publish some Joomla! banners on your website and even get your Joomla! Gear from the Joomla! shop to spread the word!

Contribute your knowledge to the Joomla! Project

Join the Joomla! Community!

  • The Joomla! community works every day to keep Joomla! moving forward, and you can join them! We’d love to have you write an article for the Joomla! Community Magazine, or you can help users by participating in the Joomla! forums. Want to meet in person? Attend a Joomla! Day. These events are organized around the world by local Joomla! Groups, and bring Joomla! users together to talk about Joomla!

Support the Joomla! Project

  • While Joomla! is a volunteer project, it still takes money to make things happen. Things like hosting, supporting JoomlaDay events and conferences, travel expenses, promoting Joomla! around the world, protecting Joomla!'s trademark, and more. You can Support the Joomla! Project by becoming a sponsor, purchasing Joomla! books and items from the Joomla! shop where proceeds go to help support Joomla!, or even directly supporting the project.

Well, there you have it, seven ways to help the Joomla! project move forward this year! Hopefully you jotted a couple of those things down! We look forward to seeing you throughout the year!



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