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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Sticking to a deadline can be a challenge in an Open Source project like Joomla! that is run entirely by volunteers. On the magazine, the first of the month is a deadline we cannot miss, and haven't in over three years. We launch on weekends, weekdays, birthdays, vacation days, even New Year's Day! But in order to keep bringing you all the Joomla news that's fit to print, we are  dusting off and adding definition to our submission guide…

It's been wonderful to see the quantity as well as quality of articles increase steadily over time. We are proud to publish an interesting issue from month to month, and we also try hard to listen to feedback from readers to keep the Community in the Joomla Community Magazine!

There was quite a lot of discussion in the magazine chat room in September about what makes a good article. Is it ok to publish articles that have nothing to do with Joomla? Or should every article be totally Joomla-related? Is the happy medium somewhere inbetween, and if so, where on that spectrum is ideal? The outcome of those discussions so far has been a pretty general consensus toward quality over quantity, and it seems that good quality means most articles should deal with Joomla, telling about an event, how to code something in Joomla, how to configure, add on, build or market your Joomla website.

We'd like to continue that discussion here, so please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below about what are the best general guidelines to keep readers engaged, interested and happy about what they read.

In the interest of putting more thought and care into article selection, we plan to return to an earlier practice of sticking to an article submission deadline, which has gradually gotten pushed closer and closer to launch day over time.

Authors, please make a note that the 20th of the month will be the deadline for submission of articles for publication on the 1st. For more information about submitting articles see the Article Submissions Guide.

If an article is submitted after the 20th, does that mean it will definitely not make it into the next issue? No, but most likely it will be held until the following month's issue. If we get through the earlier submissions with time left before the launch, we may consider articles that are time-sensitive or that require very little editing.

Do you have a Joomla story, experience or how to information to share? Please write for us!

Thanks for reading!


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