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Wordpress to Joomla (WP2J) Documentation - Help Wanted!

Wordpress to Joomla (WP2J) Documentation - Help Wanted!

Have you ever tried another CMS? How did that go? It can be quite difficult to understand the workflow of new software. In the Joomla! forum many questions are asked by other CMS users who have some difficulty in understanding Joomla’s workflow or migrating their other CMS to Joomla.

“When you got to drive a new car, you don’t have to learn to drive from scratch again. You only have to know the differences with the car you know”

Joomla’s Documentation website has excellent information on Installing Joomla and Getting Started with Joomla!
But if you are familiar with another CMS already, why not explain Joomla from that point of view?

In the Joomla forum, most questions about switching from another CMS to Joomla are from WordPress users. As that CMS has a large user base, we should write documentation about using Joomla for Wordpress users.

Documentation could include:

  1. Using Joomla for people who are familiar with WordPress
  2. How to migrate the content of your WordPress to Joomla
  3. How to use Joomla hosting & WordPress hosting alongside each other

The goal of the documentation is:

  1. To make it easier for WordPress users to start using Joomla
  2. To make it easier to migrate a WordPress website to Joomla
  3. To explore the strengths of Joomla! and understand where it is better suited over WordPress

Do you have WordPress experience? Are you interested in helping out with the writing of the documentation?

Please join the WP2J team and send an email with your contact information (with preferably your Skype account for Skype team chat) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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