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Inspiration, and the Winds of Change...

Inspiration, and the Winds of Change...

Joomla! is a volunteer community. And, within that community, people come, people go, people stay. With each new arrival or departure, there are opportunities for change. Inspiration. A new direction, or a different way of looking at things. The changes may be subtle, or a total in-your-face-whammy. You, the User/Developer/Designer, may see it, or you may not. But know this... Change is inspiration, and, like the wind, it can go in many directions.

Each month, this magazine brings forth the best of the Joomla! community. From articles submitted and knowledge being shared, to the spirit and collaboration of working together to find the right image, or help with editing and making suggestions along the way. That goes across the board, with all of our community members.

In January, our dedicated developers gave us Joomla! 1.6, which brought some big, and very welcome changes! This July, we'll have Joomla! 1.7... and we will grow from there. With each new release, we will have added functionality and usability. We will be better able to adapt more quickly to different marketplaces and enterprises.

But, change is not just about the technology, it's also about the possibilities. It's about changing our way of thinking... To quote a good friend, “Change is all around us every day. How we respond to changes defines who we are and what our lives amount to.”

Joomla! has so much potential. Let us work together. Let us inspire each other. And let us be courageous enough make the change within ourselves to better our message and our project.

Forward, March!

With that in mind, our own bluebird of happiness, Joe Sonne (some of you may know him as JoeJoomla), offers up a few ideas on how you can get involved in the Joomla! project! Our international community has stepped forward and we have six non-English language articles. And, to celebrate all things green, we ask you to Join the Jimerick!

In this issue:

Thanks to the members of the Joomla! community who are contributing authors in this month's issue: Abolhassan Firoozmandan, Hagen GrafGrigor Mihov, Denys Nosov, Nick Savan, Joe Sonne, Jeremy Wilken, Mehmet Yazici.

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