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Joomla! Certification Program

Joomla! Certification Program

Most of you reading this will be very familiar with how volunteers contribute to the Joomla! project. It is sometimes hard and sometimes boring, waiting for results that cannot be achieved. This is what most of the Certification Team members have felt at least once in the last two and a half years while setting up the Joomla! Certification Program. I would like to thank all of you, contributing now to any of the Joomla! projects, and especially to those supporting the Certification Program, and to those for their past and future efforts.

We did a lot and want you to know!

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In December 2012 – exactly three years ago - an article was published in the Joomla! Community Magazine, calling for volunteers to establish a working group. In 2013 Sarah Watz held a session at the J and Beyond Community gathering, where she introduced the Certification Program, which differs only slightly from how we have implemented it now. It was intended to launch the program in the end of 2013, this wasn't possible. In the middle of 2014 some problems which almost jeopardised the entire project, but we managed to resolve all these difficulties, and eventually began working on the exam.

Almost ready to launch

Now at the end of 2015, we are happy to have completed almost all the tasks necessay to offer a valuable Certification Program, yet maintaining the high quality standard set as our highest priority.

The questions for the first exam - the Administrator Exam - have been prepared, We spent a alot of time breaking the administrator’s work down into 10 different categories and then dividing these futher into subcategories. Finally we had to write suitable questions to cover all these topics and subtopics.

The examination rules which determine who passes the exam and gets hold a badge have been written. The badge will only be awarded to a person and is personalized, badges cannot belong to a company or organization.

The cost of the exam has been decided. As we do not use 3rd party solutions we are able to keep the costs low. We are able to offer the exam throughout the world. The cost per country will be based on the Big Mac Index, meaning equality for all those who want to participate.

The structure and procedures on how the Joomla! Certification will be provided have also been determined. The concepts, Joomla! Learning Partner and Regional Coordinator are established and approved.

So what is missing? YOU!

At this moment we need reliable partners to apply as Joomla! Learning Partners and Regional Coordinators.

If you want to apply as a Joomla! Learning Partner or Regional Coordinator, please complete the application form on certification.joomla.org/jlp-application-form.

We look forward to starting the Certification Program in the first quarter of 2016.

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