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Project: JIssues Tracker Status Update

Hi everyone! How are things going? I'm Zehan Zhao, a JGSoC 2014 student. Here I am with the latest status update post on my ongoing project for JIssues tracker.

First PR merged;)

The first part of my project is implementing the AJAX listing, filtering and pagination for the issues listing page. Things were a little bit difficult for me at first. I'm confused by the structure and not so sure how to implement things. Everything is quite different from what is familiar to me. With the great help of my mentors, Dmitry and Nikolai, I've been making progress everyday. After I proposed the PR for ajax listing more than a month ago, my mentors gave me lots of help and there has been lots of conversations on GitHub or via Skype and emails. And now these features are available on the JTracker site.

Next steps

Currently I'm on categories. I've implemented category manage for admins, and hopefully I'll finish all the category work by the time this article is posted ;-) And then I'll move on to the next big feature, the labels. Since it took longer than I estimated at the beginning of the project, project details should be changed. That means, the auto-generating PR feature might be moved from my proposal. Not so much time left for GSoC, so I need to work hard to get things done! For the auto-generating PR part — don't worry. I will implement this after GSoC. I hope my work can help build a stable version for JIssues.

Next steps will include:

  • For category:

    • For issues adding, editing, deleting, adding the category part( controller and model, then twig template for front-end)
    • For filtering, implement the filter for categories.
    • Test the features all together and propose a PR
  • For labels

    • Discussions for label mapping on GitHub
    • Implementing of private GitHub methods with bot account and ACL
    • Implementing of labels management for admins
    • Implementing of labels on issues.
    • Test the features all together and propose a PR

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And if you have any suggestions, I'm glad to hear from you! Let's make JIssues better day by day!



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