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Meet the Joomla Framework Working Group


In this interview the team, or better said in this case the group, gave a proper introduction. For me there is nothing left to do than to introduce the Framework Working Group!

Can you tell us a little bit about the Framework Working Group?

The Joomla Framework Working Group is maintaining and expanding the Joomla Framework.

“What is the Joomla Framework? Isn’t that the CMS?” you might ask.

The Joomla Framework is actually a set of classes, which can be used in any web application and which the CMS is based on. The framework for example provides application and MVC classes, code to handle an event system or to abstract away filesystem operations. The framework originated from the CMS, but can also be used as standalone now.

The Framework Team is responsible for the whole lifecycle of that code, from deciding which features and packages to add, to the supported PHP versions, documentation, tests, etc. You can see all the packages the framework has on https://framework.joomla.org or https://github.com/joomla-framework/.

What is your place in Joomla’s ecosphere?

As said, the framework is the basis for the Joomla CMS. The framework is also used in the issue tracker and right now as an example at the framework website on framework.joomla.org.

What roles do you have within the team?

The group doesn’t really have clearly defined roles right now, since all members are rather seasoned developers and work in all areas required from the framework. Unfortunately, the team is rather small, with just 4 members. Recently our WG leader had to step down due to health reasons. George Wilson offered to help out temporarily, but also is rather short on time and while Llewellyn van der Merwe would like to take over that position in the future, he also currently is bound in other tasks for the next months.

What tools do you use to work together?

Our work mainly happens on Github and Mattermost (read all about Joomla’s Mattermost)

Do you need extra volunteers, and if so, in what capacities?

As mentioned earlier, we are with a very few right now, so the working group could really use help. We would be happy if you would contact us if you want to help out and can reach us via any of the GitHub repositories or in the PD Framework channel on Mattermost.

Who does Joomla need right now?
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