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JDayUSA: A JoomlaDay Like No Other!


So, first, before we even dive into the details, just go ahead and mark a save the date on your calendar for April 23-24, 2021, because Joomla lovers will not want to miss this one! Ok, done? Let me tell you more then...

Joomla is a worldwide community, and we all have been affected this last year by the same pandemic, and online virtual event fatigue is a real thing! So, even though we knew we had to do this as a virtual event, we wanted to do something more engaging and interactive.

How did JDay USA come about?

So, the JoomlaDays in the United States, even before the pandemic had basically narrowed down to just a handful throughout the year. And, those of us that organized them tried to work together as far as not overlapping or running them too close together, and even had a few offhand “maybe we should do a combined event one year” chats. But, life was busy and that never happened. Then COVID19 hit…

The few JoomlaDays were faced with trying to run virtual events or not at all. We opted not to have a virtual offering of JoomlaDay Texas in 2020, which really was heartbreaking because our 2019 event in Austin had been a great event, but we just couldn’t get the traction needed in the competition of virtual events in 2020. JDay Chicago did go virtual last year in October, SD Williams did a great job with it! But she was wiped and I mentioned to her that when the dust settled, we should talk about combining into one event. She said, “Funny you should mention that, because Laura Gordon has already reached out to me about that same thing!” So, she told Laura, Laura pinged me and others, then even more people were interested in joining the team, until we had a great group of people willing to divide and conquer a JoomlaDay USA online event!

The team is made of a group of people with a passion for Joomla with a main goal of creating an event that is more engaging and a little bit different, yet still offer all the things we love about Joomla gatherings. You can learn more about the JDay USA Team here.

So how are we making this Virtual JDay different?

Remember when we all traveled to Joomla events? What was it that made you keep going to event after event? The sessions? That was probably part of it, but the bigger part was most likely the people! Networking and meeting new people and catching up with your Joomla friends.

So, with that in mind, we are offering many ways for you to interact with the other attendees. First, like all good Joomla events, this will be for novice to experienced Joomla users. And, we went with a two day event, the first day will be all day events with an evening Social Party and the second day will be the session tracks.

Day 1: Friday we will offer an all-day OS Training Beginner Joomla class taught by Rod Martin. We will also offer a full day Pizza Bugs & Fun event for those that want to jump in and help squash bugs while you visit with others! And, Friday evening will be our Social Party filled with games and fun.

Day 2: We will have a solid schedule of sessions with a variety of topics by renowned Joomla professionals, also with networking interwoven throughout the day of sessions and a “speed dating” lunch hour. ( Note, because we know there will be times when you wish you could duplicate yourself and be in two sessions at one time, we’ll have recordings of all the sessions available to all attendees after the event so you won’t have to stress too hard on picking which session to attend day of. )

The Virtual Expo hall will be open both days and will house our sponsor booths, some with just a recorded commercial, some with live people to answer your questions. We encourage all to check out the expo hall and see what all our sponsors offer to the Joomla ecosphere.

We have tried extra hard to have plenty of networking built in to both days so attendees can meet each other, meet sponsors, meet speakers, and just have fun!

Ready? Get Registered today!

Early bird priced tickets are selling already! And, the first 100 registered attendees will receive a swag bag in the mail!

Here’s where you can check out the site and get signed up.

Want to get involved as well?

We are still open to sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and even cheerleaders!

SPONSORS: There are 4 sponsorship package levels available, and we know companies have been affected financially by the pandemic this year so none will break the bank! You will be supporting the first combined JoomlaDay in the USA, and will get some good exposure for your products or services. Check out the sponsorship packages here:

SPEAKERS: Since the call to speakers opened we have had a good amount of applications and will start announcing a first round of speakers soon, but it’s not too late to submit a session!

VOLUNTEERS: We will also be looking for volunteer moderators to help us run a smooth event, contact us here if you would like to volunteer.

CHEERLEADERS: We know many of you are too busy to speak or volunteer, but there are ways you can still help us out, and that’s by spreading the word!

Links for Sharing on your platform or methodology of your choice:

Website - https://jdayusa.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/joomladayusa
LinkedIn Event Link: https://www.linkedin.com/events/joomladayusa6759175703834501120/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joomladayusa
Facebook Event Link: https://fb.me/e/kfB97SKAn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joomladayusa

Joomla Events: https://community.joomla.org/events/joomladays/4163-joomladayusa.html

Official Hashtag for all social media platforms - #jdayusa

Let’s do this!

Ok, so if you didn’t mark the calendar before, I know you’re ready to now! See you at JDay USA in April!

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