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JUG Round Up February 2017

JUG Round Up February 2017

Way back in the past, Ruth Cheesley used to write up a monthly Magazine article on Joomla User Group (JUG) happenings. The JUG Team is bringing that back to tell you about new JUGs that have registered, and tidbits from JUG Organisers around the world.

New registered JUGs

Since JWC 2016 the following JUGs have registered and we welcome them!

Do you know any Joomla Users in these areas? Let them know about these new JUGs so they can get involved.

Many thanks to the Organisers for their service in their local communities.

What’s happening with existing JUGs:

From Vinod Sarode

JUG Marseille (France) is quite busy organizing JoomlaDay in Marseille in month of May 2017. We had our last meeting where Vinod spoke about how to backup and restore joomla website manually. And we also bringing back the topic again requested by some members about how to avoid “How to Avoid Spam Filters."

From Patrick Jackson

JUG Melbourne (Australia) is rebooting in 2017 after a hiatus for 2016. With renewed interest we are trying to come up with a range of topics to meet the needs of our diverse membership, which include beginners, implementers and professionals using Joomla! in many ways. This year we'll also be regularly streaming out user groups, so like us on Facebook, twitter, and meetup to find out what is happening when.

From Christophe Avonture

JUG Wallonie (Belgium) meets every three months and we’re trying to do it each time a new location so that we can touch more people. During our meeting of January 2017, we’ve spoken about marketing and Joomla; how can we promote Joomla, what are our added values against the competition, etc. The second part of our afternoon was devoted to help our members during a Joomla’s doctor and, like always, we’ve finished the afternoon in a nice restaurant.

From Jennifer Gress

JUG Bay AreaJUG Bay Area (USA) has just had its planning meetup for members to discuss what topics they’d like to see for the year. February’s topic will be Security presented by Emmanuel Lemor. March will be ARK Editor presented by Dawn Russell.

From Brian Rønnow

In our local JUG Sorø we have different topics. We used the january meeting to look at the new Joomla 3.7, our february meeting we will talk about ACL and we are planing to get someone to talk about "The general data protection regulation" that will be a big deal in 2018. Our agenda is alway presentation of attendees, topic, coffee and cake (always home baked), topic or case (what to do better on a website), lastly “Ask a Geek” and get help. Meetings are about 2.5 hours long.

From Justyna Michallek

JUG Jawor, Poland, meets twice a year a small town in Lower Silesia. Our meeting is not only lectures, but learning and exchange of experience. After party is not just talking about Joomla! but also concerts and having fun together. During our meeting in February 2017, we will speak about hosting for Joomla! and what to look for when choosing a webhosting. We will also speak about accessible websites, AMP,  and Joomla! tips and tricks. People interested in business side, learned how to work with clients, how to save a few hours a week, how to organize projects and why we all do the same mistakes! We will host the leaders of the PCJ Open Source Foundation, other JUG's from Poland and friends from Berlin.

From Daniel Dubois

On the 12th of January took place the first meeting of the new Joomla! User Group Breizh* in Quimper (Brittany - France). More than 10 people were here with some real beginners but also with some professionals and some experienced users of Joomla!The main objectives of the Joomla! User Group Breizh are to federate the Joomla users in Brittany, to help the beginners and to gain new users for Joomla and to offer a translation of Joomla! in Brittany language. Everyone is really motivated to participate to the Joomla! User group and to share the Joomla love in Brittany. Kenavo!

* Breizh means Brittany in Brittany language.

Be sure to check out JUGs in your area and if there isn't one, do consider starting one.

Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you next month in the JUG Round Up.

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