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Celebrate Pi Day at JoomlaDay Boston!

Celebrate Pi Day at JoomlaDay Boston!

I love organizing events... I'm a member the Joomla Events Team and the Joomla World Conference Team. My favorite event is, of course, JoomlaDay Boston which is happening on March 14th and 15th!

Last year we tried something new for a JoomlaDay event. We held the event for two days, with extended workshops on the second day. It was a great success and we are planning to do it again this year.

Based on feedback from last year, one thing that was requested was a beginners workshop. I thought, why try to cram it all into one day? Why not do it both days? Thus, Joomla for Beginners was created. Rod Martin, of OS Training, will be leading this extended, extensive two-day workshop. If you have ever wanted to learn everything about Joomla, this is the weekend for you! You will go from localhost to launch in a relaxed setting with fellow noobs!

Ryan Ozimek will be our Pi Day Keynote speaker and Roland Dalmulder, PLT and new Bug Squad lead, will be running a live bug squashing session.

Check out our website, http://joomladayboston.com. We are currently accepting speaker submissions and there are a few sponsor opportunities left! Grab your early-bird tickets now, and if you need a hotel, check out our room rate (with wifi)!

Join us, it's going to be a great Joomla weekend! No Blarney!

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